Study Reveals Most Popular Banking Apps in Ohio, US

PNC Bank tops the list of the most popular online banking services and apps in Ohio, according to a recent study.

PNC was followed by Fifth Third Bank, Huntington Bank, Chase Bank and Capital One Bank.

Using Google search volume data to verify online banking apps Ohio residents are searching for the most, Vention, a software development company ranked banks not only in Ohio, but across the country.

In Ohio, PNC Bank had 174,248 average monthly searches by volume. Fifth Third had 116,414, followed by Huntington Bank with 113,091.

Chase Bank had 109,278 in Ohio and was tops across the country with nearly 3.79 million average monthly searches, outpacing Wells Fargo by more than 929,000 searches. Nationwide, Bank of America was third; Capital One Bank, fourth; American Express, fifth; and PNC, sixth.

PNC Bank was also the top search in Pennsylvania, with 208,247 average monthly searches by volume.

“The study has made some interesting findings, notably revealing that consumers still rely on the traditional larger banks for their online banking services, even as newer startup companies attempt to enter the market,” said Marc Karasu, chief marketing officer at Vention. “Chase Bank’s significantly larger average monthly search volume solidifies its position as the top pick for online banking. It is clear users regularly search for bank’s online banking tools and mobile apps to manage their finances. Moreover, the study undercovered interesting regional trends with each state’s favorite bank varying.”

The study was conducted between February 2023 and February 2024, with eight search terms used along with the name of the bank. A total of 58 banks were considered.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.