Together in Transformation

Business growth doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of careful planning, investing in the future and a willingness to take a risk. When properly nurtured, these seeds bloom into tomorrow’s fruit of opportunity.

As we start a new decade, we want to hear your stories of success and triumph. What obstacles did you overcome? How did your business thrive in 2019 and what are you doing to keep that momentum going into 2020? What steps are you taking to recruit and retain skilled employees?

Tell us your story!

The information you provide will be published in Growth Report 2020 along with more than 200 positive and uplifting stories about how other businesses in our region are growing and transforming. This one-of-its-kind publication — more than 140 pages packed with vital information — is the region’s No. 1 business resource.

After the print edition is published a selection of Growth Report stories will be posted here and across our social media platforms!

There is no charge to submit story information.

The story submission deadline is Jan. 22, 2020. Send to

Here’s the information we ask you to provide:

  • What are your growth and transformation plans for 2020?
  • How did you grow and transform your organization, its products, services, workforce and market in 2019? What investments did you make last year?
  • What is the 2020 outlook for your company? What investments are you planning to make?
  • How is your industry/business sector transforming and how are you adapting to those changes?
  • How is technology transforming the way you do business?
  • What are the key challenges you face in 2020 and how are you working to overcome them?
  • Did you add employees (how many and their duties)?
  • Revenue growth in 2019 (percentage compared to 2018)?
  • Company and employee recognition?
  • Community service by employees?
  • Charitable donations?

Required Information: 

  • Year founded, number of employees, general description of products/service information.
  • The name and title of the person to whom the company information should be attributed must be included as well as the full company name and address, telephone and email of the person submitting report.

GROWTH REPORT 2020 “focus” question: How are you working to combat the economic epidemic of brain drain? What are you doing to promote Brain Gain — attract, retain and further develop your workforce? How can the region strive to create a true culture of entrepreneurship?

Guidelines for submitting story information:

  • All reports must be sent to
    We cannot guarantee placement if reports are sent to other email addresses.
  • Submit no more than 600 words.
  • Copy slanted toward advertising will be deleted.
  • Reports are subject to standard news editing, available space and date of submission.
  • Photographs will not be accepted for publication.

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For questions about submitting a story, call

Andrea Wood 330 333 7769 or email