Taxpayer Notices Sent Out for the CAUV Program

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Taxpayer renewal notices for the Current Agricultural Usage Valuation program have been sent to property owners enrolled in the program, says Mahoning County Auditor Ralph Meacham.

These annual notices are sent to verify that the property is still being used for agricultural purposes and must be returned to the auditor’s office before March 3.

The CAUV program allows farmland devoted to commercial agriculture be valued according to its current use rather than at its highest use. By permitting values to be set well below true market values, the CAUV program normally results in a substantially lower tax bill for working farmers.

A separate application must be filled for each farm, which includes all parcels of land that are worked as a single farm within the same county. Of the approximately 2,000 approved CAUV applications, 3,881 parcels are currently enrolled in the program.

In 2018, Meacham entered into an agreement with the Soil and Water Conservation District to conduct physical visual compliance inspections of all parcels in the CAUV program. “The goal of the inspections is to preserve the tax savings for the benefit of those taxpayers who meet the qualifications while at the same time, remove the savings from those who no longer meet the requirements but have failed to notify this office,” he said.

When a property is removed from the program, the auditor must charge recoupment on all parcels involved. Mahoning County’s total recoupment amount for tax year 2018 is $115,670.84 compared to $28,840.34 for tax year 2017.

Additionally, Agricultural District renewal forms will be sent soon. These are sent every five years.

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