Team NEO Tool to Boost Readily Available Manufacturing Sites

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Team NEO has unveiled Developing Opportunities, a new research report and tool designed to help increase the number of readily available manufacturing sites with in-demand attributes and improve the region’s chances of winning manufacturing business attraction deals. 

Based on data collected from real-demand experience from Team NEO project flows from 2021 through 2022, the research tool will equip economic development professionals, developers, construction firms, utility providers and others with insights into industry trends for future business investment opportunities, a news release states. 

The report highlights the most active sectors seeking site locations, including advanced manufacturing, semiconductor, energy storage and food production, as well as available sites that meet high standards of readiness.

“Building a pipeline of sites that can meet today’s demand and align with the trends we’re seeing in site selection will increase our competitiveness, help us win more projects and, ultimately, create economic vibrancy in the region,” said Christine Nelson, vice president of project management and site strategies at Team NEO. “Our goal with this report is to provide our network with actionable information and the opportunity to collaborate on site development in a deeper, more strategic way than ever before.”

This guide to sites and site development in northeastern Ohio provides users with:

  • A Common Language Guide: Get answers to common questions and actionable recommendations.
  • Guidance & A Starting Point: Learn action steps for key roles in the development system.
  • Where Do I Start: Evaluate site attributes, utilities, roads, industry, talent and more.
  • Tools & Maps: Use resources like intake forms, maps and surveys for a comprehensive analysis.
  • Compliance & Approvals: Identify zoning, permits and compliance requirements.
  • Industry & Talent: Identify strengths and analyze labor advantages.
  • Due Diligence Studies: Get advice and budget estimates for studies.
  • Mega Projects: Engage stakeholders and advance projects to close deals.
  • Competitive Sites: Use public data to bring new sites to the market.
  • JobsOhio & Team NEO Programs: Discover support programs to aid your journey.

“To attract more companies to the Northeast Ohio Region, we must improve the number and quality of manufacturing sites we offer,” said Bill Koehler, CEO of Team NEO. “This will expose the attractiveness of our business environment during site visits with interested prospects.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.