Team Office Scores with ‘Ultra Tech’ Renovation

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio — A remodeling effort at Team Office Technologies has transformed a once blasé building at 118 N. Canfield Road in Austintown into a sleek, modern structure that better reflects the business services industry of today, says its president, Tom Reeveley.

“This was a complete remodel from the ground up,” Reeveley says. “It was a significant investment and commitment, and one we’re really glad we made because we continue to grow.”

The company has witnessed significant change since it was established in 1980, Reeveley says.

Then, noisy fax machines, copiers and early incarnations of the personal computer dominated the industry. Today, most office systems are driven by software that allows computers, copiers, printers and other programs to instantly communicate with one another, preserving a connectivity throughout the office.

Technology, he adds, is more important than ever since many of the customers of his company require quick, effective communication and reporting capabilities to satisfy regulatory standards.

Reeveley thought that the new building should encompass a contemporary architectural concept that is fit for a high-tech business. “The old building was really dated,” he says. The renovation project should cost about $250,000 when it’s finished, he says.

Olsavsky Jaminet Architects, Youngstown, created the new design for the building, says Ray Jaminet Jr. “They wanted to make a statement,” he says of Team Office Technologies.

The original building was designed as a one-story storefront and constructed with red brick during the 1960s, Jaminet says. Now, the southeastern corner of the building and entranceway has been converted into an eye-catching metallic silver cube that towers above the rest of the structure with the bright orange logo of Team Office at the top.

The exterior of the building is covered with a dark gray corrugated-metal skin, allowing a much sleeker appearance.

“We call it an ultra-tech look,” Jaminet says. “We’d come up with some traditional ideas first. Then we showed them this, and they fell in love with it.”

Boak & Sons Inc., Austintown, was contracted to build the new cube tower and install the façade.

“In today’s environment, you need to have something new and different – a modern look,” says Sam Boak, president of Boak & Sons.

The choice to use a metallic skin for the renovation lends eye appeal to the building, he adds.

Reeveley says the project serves as a testament to the depth and talent of the local construction industry.

University Electric, Youngstown, rewired the building, he notes. Youngstown Mirror & Glass, Austintown, installed the interior and exterior glass, while Jenkins Sign in Youngstown is contracted to provide new signage on the building and an LED display on its outside. Garrettsville-based Schumcker’s was contracted for additional interior work.

“The wealth of experience and expertise that we have in the local construction industry is unparalleled,” Reeveley says.

Moreover, the renovation exemplifies what Team Office is all about, says Bryan Higgins, its vice president. “It reflects who we are and what we do,” he says. “We’re a high-tech industry.”

Businesses today can no longer afford to hire full-time technology officers to manage their offices, which are more complex than ever, Higgins says. “They have to rely on us. We’re constantly training our people, working with our vendors.”

While Team Office sells and installs traditional office equipment such as printers and copiers, it also provides network management, data security and website design services.

Higgins says a prospective customer contacted him recently with a blanket request. “They wanted someone who could manage everything. That’s becoming more common.”

Reeveley says business owners do a great job in running their business and shouldn’t be distracted by glitches in their software system or equipment. “They don’t always have the ability to manage the different pieces of technology that a business needs to run efficiently,” he says.

Team Office employs 26 people, 16 of whom are dedicated to technical service and support, according to Reeveley. “We see constant growth across the industry as businesses invest in new equipment, infrastructure and their buildings,” he says.

Pictured at top: Bryan Higgins is the vice president of Team Office Technologies and Tom Reeveley is its president. They’re pictured with a rendering of the remodeled building.

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