The Innovators: Patty Summers

As has become The Business Journal’s custom during the month of May, designated as National Small Business Month, we ask readers to tell us who is worthy of recognition. This time, we asked readers to nominate innovators – the risk takers, out-of-box thinkers and the status quo challengers.

Patty Summers
Founder and CEO, Youngstown Blue Coats

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Patty Summers is an innovative, creative and gifted thinker and “doer.” Since she founded Youngstown Blue Coats in 2017, she has continuously collected data and evaluated our strategies in order to determine how we can reach and assist the homeless – especially our homeless veterans.

One of the best ways to illustrate Patty’s exceptional accomplishments is to share a story from one of the many individuals she has assisted:

“My name is James McMillan and I am a recovering addict. I am currently at Broadway Recovery Services – a sober living house in Youngstown. I felt very depressed and still hopeless after completing treatment. But then I got assigned to do my volunteer work at Blue Coats. From the first day I met Patty and the rest of the team, all my loneliness and empty feelings were replaced with love and gratitude. … If the rest of the world could have the attitudes that this place has shown me, we would have a beautiful, loving, caring and happy world. But at least they get to touch this community …”

Nominated by Cynthia Hirtzel.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.