The Innovators: Philip Miller

As has become The Business Journal’s custom during the month of May, designated as National Small Business Month, we ask readers to tell us who is worthy of recognition. This time, we asked readers to nominate innovators – the risk takers, out-of-box thinkers and the status quo challengers.

Philip Miller
CEO, Portage Industries and Masco Inc.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Philip Miller works hard to provide opportunities for meaningful work to those with developmental disabilities. He works diligently to build a business that will pay Masco Inc. employees a wage they would be proud of receiving. He also works with many area businesses to secure jobs for our individuals.

He was innovative in combining the three different county workshops (Fairhaven School, Masco Inc. and Portage Industries) into the United Alliance Network. With the combined resources, we are able to serve our individuals more efficiently.

Through many of Philip’s efforts, the state of Ohio has increased funding by over 30%, enabling our business to pay our employees a competitive and livable wage. Philip has been working to be able to pay our individuals with developmental disabilities a competitive wage, too. He has made investments in machinery to help increase our production, which will ultimately increase everyone’s pay and possibly reduce dependency on Medicaid funding.

Nominated by Steve Purdy.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.