The Vindys to Join Forces with Canton Symphony for Unique Concert

CANTON, Ohio – It will be The Vindys like you’ve never heard them before.

The Youngstown rockers will perform in concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday with the full Canton Symphony Orchestra at Umstattd Hall, 2331 17th St. NW.

Lead singer Jackie Popovec said the band is always up for new things, but this is a first – and she’s got some butterflies.

“I’m excited but nervous,” Popovec said.

The CSO is also known for trying new things, especially teaming up with local rock bands. It regularly has concerts that pair four of its classical musicians with a band. Only on rare occasions does the full orchestra take part, like it will Saturday.

The CSO months ago extended the opportunity to The Vindys, and the band was honored to accept.

“It will be emotional to hear my songs performed by an orchestra,” said Popovec, who is also The Vindys’ principal songwriter.

Melding an orchestra to a rock band requires a lot of preparation. 

The CSO’s Kevin Martinez and Steve Parsons arranged the musical charts for every member of the orchestra, based on The Vindys’ recordings.

That means The Vindys must play each song in concert exactly as it was recorded – no ad-libbing or going off-script.

Popovec likes to interpret songs in the moment but will go by the book Saturday.

There will only be one rehearsal, and it will be the night before. Popovec is expecting it will go smoothly, noting that all of the members of The Vindys have formal music training and can read music. Lead guitarist John Anthony is a high school music educator and will become the liaison between the band and the CSO.

“I have some ideas for where the band could sit out while the orchestra plays, and parts where we could do a solo,” Popovec said.

The concert will consist of two 45-minute sets, separated by an intermission. The songs were cherry-picked from across The Vindys’ catalog and will not be their typical set list.

“We had to choose which songs to play because some will work better than others [with an orchestra],” Popovec said. “You’ll hear some older songs, some newer ones.”

One of the new songs will be “Love You More,” which Popovec wrote as the theme song for the movie “Angel Mine.” Directed by local filmmaker Josh Menning, “Angel Mine” was shot mostly in Columbiana, Youngstown, Ashtabula and Pittsburgh, and is slated for an April release.

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Pictured at top: John Anthony, Jackie Popovec and Rick Deak of The Vindys.

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