Thiel Earns Third Straight Colleges of Distinction Honor

Thiel Earns Third Straight Colleges of Distinction Honor

GREENVILLE, Pa. — For the third consecutive year, Thiel College has been named one of the nation’s Colleges of Distinction on the strength of its business and education programs.

Thiel’s Arthur McGonigal Department of Business Administration and Accounting, as well as its Department of Education “were singled out for their innovative leadership in business and education programs,” according to a release.

The acknowledgement is an affirmation of the hard work and dedication of Theil’s faculty and staff, said the college’s dean and vice president of academic affairs, Elizabeth Frombgen.

“Thiel’s campus is an open, inclusive and welcoming environment that encourages learning and student success. Thiel students and faculty are working together in a community where students learn in classrooms, studios, laboratories and internships,” Frombgen said in the release. “The learning continues outside those traditional venues and extends to every facet of student life. Athletics, performance, and student life activities are all common grounds for students to meet and learn from those with different life experiences. Each one of these micro-level experiences adds up to a life-changing macro-level experience that prepares our students for future success.”

For the past five years, 100% of the accounting majors in the Department of Business Administration and Accounting have gotten jobs within three months of graduation, many of whom were hired before graduating. Programs give students unique opportunities, such as the Haller Enterprise Institute, which annually provides up to 20 $2,000 academic scholarships to students involved in entrepreneurial activity, as well as coursework in entrepreneurship.

The Ruth A. Miller Senior Business Seminar allows juniors and seniors to network with distinguished alumni during a series of weekly lectures and participation in a multi-institution accounting consortium that gives accounting majors an inside track on internships and jobs.

In the last four years, all of Thiel’s education graduates have gotten education jobs or graduate school placements. Some 94% of last year’s education undergraduates reported being employed or in graduate school within six months of graduating.

Thiel’s “modern, student-centered” approach to teaching keeps it at the forefront of American higher education, said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer for Colleges of Distinction.

“With a unique learning environment, its programming engages students with a character-building first-year experience, as well as internship and practicum opportunities, service-learning programs, intensive writing and digital literacy courses, and undergraduate research and study abroad programs,” Schritter said. “We are absolutely thrilled to recognize Thiel College as a College of Distinction for its dedication to student success.”

“We seek out the schools that are wholly focused on the student experience, constantly working to produce graduates who are prepared for a rapidly changing global society,” Schritter said.

Annually, Colleges of Distinction recognizes colleges and universities and select programs. To qualify for recognition by Colleges of Distinction, colleges and universities must show results across four distinctions: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant community and successful outcomes. Thiel will be included in the Colleges of Distinction’s 2018-19 guidebook.

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