TNP Report Shows Improvement in Warren Neighborhoods

WARREN, Ohio – Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership has released its 2024 Parcel Inventory Update, showing fewer vacant properties compared with 10 years ago.

“This report reflects a lot of what’s been accomplished in the past decade in terms of blight remediation and helps to inform programming strategies going forward,” said TNP Director Matt Martin.

The update contains a citywide parcel survey of the city of Warren.

The organization, over the course of 18 months, compiled property information on every parcel in the city, including ownership, occupancy status and overall condition based on an exterior survey. 

Data helps to show trends in both vacancy and its remediation efforts both citywide and along neighborhood or ward boundaries, and helps inform updates to strategies enacted by nonprofit and governmental entities. 

This follows a similar effort undertaken by TNP in 2013.

According to the report’s conclusion: “The key takeaway from the survey is that there are significantly less vacant properties in the city. There are now only 435 standing of the 1,532 that there were in 2013 but in-turn, there is more vacant land as a result. The data collected in the 2023 survey lays the foundation for the coming years of TNP’s strategy to remove blight and improve the community.”

TNP also notes an overall improvement in the condition of remaining properties. 

The report says working with community members and neighborhood associations has been crucial.

“By attending numerous neighborhood association meetings, TNP was able to inform members about the state of their community,” the report’s conclusion said.

The report also lists recommendations, which include continued blight remediation, home repair and new construction of single-family housing. 

TNP continues to renovate vacant properties, offer home repairs to income-eligible owner occupants and perform demolitions, all in partnership with the city, and plans to take on new construction projects in 2024. 

The report can be downloaded at, and printed copies are available upon request.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.