Trumbull County Real Estate Sales: $100K+, Full Month December 2023

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December 18-29, 2023
Dimitris M. Fournaris J/S Staci M. Fournaris to Daniel Q. Flanagan J/S Jessica L. Zebroski, 8011 Fox Hound Run, Warren, OH 44484, $563,500.

Craig H. Neuman & Sheryl G. Neuman, trustee, to Laura Rodriguez, 1910 Oriel Rogers Road, Girard, OH 44420, $500,000.

Richard Plott to Nickalos Henderlight J/S Amanda Henderlight, 5190 Stoddard Hayes Road, Farmdale, OH 44417, $480,000.

Charles A. Montgomery to Robert J. Fletcher J/S Theresa Fletcher, 2508 Forest Springs Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $390,000.

Jane A. Duca & Stephen V. Duca, trustee, to Kap Leasing Ltd., 800 The Greens, Warren, OH 44484, $389,900.

Robert D. Burns to Peggy E. Fauvie, 1878 Cardinal Court, Niles, OH 44446, $336,000.

Terri H. Moore to Clement Stalnaker J/S Joshua Miller, 8173 State Route 534, Middlefield, OH 44062, $310,000.

M Walker Investments LLC to Richard D. Plott J/S Maria Plott, 2991 Bushnell Campbell Road, Fowler, OH 44418, $300,000.

Darrin Williams J/S Patricia Williams to Geoffery L. Pfeiffer J/S Theresa A. Pfeiffer, 130 Warrenton Drive, Warren, OH 44481, $300,000.

Janeen R. Shackelford to Konstantinos Markakis J/S Rita K. Markakis, 637 Esme Drive, Girard, OH 44420, $295,000.

R W Sidley Inc. to Hollingshead Materials LLC, 405 North River Road, Warren, OH 44483, $276,683.

R W Sidley Inc. to Hollingshead Materials LLC, 309 North River Road, Warren, OH 44483, $276,683.

R W Sidley Inc. to Hollingshead Materials LLC, 425 North River Road, Warren, OH 44483, $276,683.

Stephen John Tinker Beatty J/S Brittany A. Beatty to Shawn Catchpole, 2130 State Route 534, Southington, OH 44470, $270,000.

Thomas J Tobin to Rock Grace Family Ministries, 420 North Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $260,000.

The Most Reverend to Rock Grace Family Ministries, 1354 Vernon Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $260,000.

Thomas J. Tobin to Rock Grace Family Ministries, 1346 Vernon Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $260,000.

GBoyz LLC to Niles Real Estate Association LLC, 301 Vienna Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $250,000.

John R. Davis J/S Esther M. Davis to Kevin E. Root J/S Ellen Rae Smith, 444 Bedford Road, Brookfield, OH 44403, $249,900.

Roy L. Mercandino to Kenneth Overholt J/S Marybeth Overholt, 117 Fairway Place, Warren, OH 44483, $249,900.

Misty Belgrave J/S Valentine Kirkpatrick Belgrave II to Rebecca Smith J/S Brian Goldner, 3980 Westlake Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $230,000.

Landis Properties II LLC to Elizabeth Johnson, 2454 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $230,000.

Ruthanne M. Polivka to Barbara A. Miles, 1412 Surrey Pointe Circle, Warren, OH 44484, $225,000.

Michael W. Marsh J/S Rene L. Marsh to Rick D. Ambrosio J/S Wendelle L. Ambrosio, 218 Golf Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $224,500.

Ruth J. Wilson to Linda L. Ponikvar, 265 Rosewae Avenue, Cortland, OH 44410, $220,000.

Dinello Maintenance Works LLC to Rachel Gilger, 1751 Rosalyn Drive, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $208,000.

Bruce A. Fisher to Santino J. Defalco, 4585 State Route 7, Burghill, OH 44404, $200,000.

Thomas A. Opalka to Direct Development LLC, 120 Greenbriar Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $199,900.

Patricia L. Mosko to Michael Luther Lantz J/S Victoria Lynn Lantz, 972 North Road, Warren, OH 44484, $199,900.

Ronald F. Holmes Sr. to Jacob Thomas Huff, 201 South Aspen #4, Warren, OH 44484, $189,000.

Donald R. Augustine J/S Roslyn C. Augustine to Nicolette Gabler J/S Jeffrey Gabler, 405 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $180,000.

Johanna Deborah Bellas & Constance Margaret Hopkins to Victoria C. Perkins, 8259 Fairhill Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $180,000.

Zachary C. Kozma Croft & Austin T. Kozma Croft to Ramona Zeck, 324 Center Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $174,000.

Liberty Rei Properties LLC to Allie Scheel, 3340 Youngstown Kingsville Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $169,900.

Robyn Centofanti & John L. Lamm to Gene M. Mccoy J/S Tiffany J. Brockett, 622 Kline Street, Girard, OH 44420, $165,000.

Melissa A. Corle to Elisha Massaro, 973 Ward Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $160,000.

Erin I. Burnsworth & Erin Burnsworth to Brandy Lynn Harper, 381 Fairmount Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $155,500.

BKS Holdings LLC to Henry C. Groves J/S Henry E. Groves, 1716 Peck Leach Road, North Bloomfield, OH 44450, $150,000.

David Rose to Sophia D. West, 1520 Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, OH 44505, $146,500.

William H. Wilson to Ty James Jones, 349 Jacobs Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $145,500.

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere LLC to Allegiant Property Holdings LLC, 3699 Staunton Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $140,000.

James G. Green Jr. to Natalia Williams J/S George J. Williams Sr., 5074 Craig Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $139,900.

David D. Sotirovich & Barbara A. Sotirovich to John J. Sotirovich II J/S Breianna L. Sotirovich, 1124 Tod Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $135,000.

Luis Chicaiza to Michael Green, 1148 North Highland Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $133,000.

Kolovich Enterprises LLC to Trenton K. Orr, 315 Warren Road, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $130,000.

Kandy Kay Kochemba Barnett & Marcia Lee Kochemba Clute to Carl R. Barnett & Kandy Barnett, trustees, 7855 State Route 46, Cortland, OH 44410, $130,000.

Mark B. Biamonte to Daniel Alvarez, 416 Highland Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $130,000.

John M. Hull to Joseph Klein, 3872 South Main Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $128,400.

Willow Park Properties Ltd. to Sylvia Castro Kelley, 317 Perkinswood Boulevard, Warren, OH 44483, $125,000.

Bruce A. McElroy J/S Janice E. McElroy to Timothy H. Grimm J/S Traci J. Grimm, 2769 Barclay Messerly Road, Southington, OH 44470, $125,000.

James P. Geyer Sr J/S Vicki R. Geyer to Gavin L. R. Miller J/S Lori E. Wakefield Miller, 6432 State Route 87, Kinsman, OH 44428, $111,000.

Robert F. Navarra J/S Linda C. Navarra to M Walker Investments LLC, 4797 Everett Hull Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $107,500.

Kelly M. Harper to Gregory R. Garrett, 1441 State Road, Warren, OH 44481, $100,000.

Week of December 11, 2023
Kurt A. Miller & Jennifer L. Miller to Jeffrey S. Berman J/S Courtney L.M. Berman, 266 Hunters Hollow Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $575,000.

William F. Calandro J/S Raquel Rodriguez Carballo to Robert Hamilton J/S Brandy Hamilton, 8889 Barclay North Road, Kinsman, OH 44428, $470,000.

W W Builders Ltd. to Balance Investment LLC, 2961 Sferra Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $350,000.

Home & Land Developers LLC to Salvatore J. Nuzzo J/S Carmelina Nuzzo, 271 Potters Circle, Girard, OH 44420, $347,500.

Tri S Investments Ltd. to Ryan O. Neel, 2427 South Canal Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $315,000.

Engineered Endeavor LLC to Ronald Christy J/S Renee Christy, 5924 Pat Ann Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $262,800.

Robert F. Michael to Jodi L. Bryndel, 8346 Milligan East Road, Burghill, OH 44404, $255,000.

Karl B. Knight to Mark Zerovich, State Route 46, Mecca Township, OH, $248,320.

Maria F. Vasey to Ronald Sheldon J/S Ashley Hollinger, 3103 Bushnell Campbell Road, Fowler, OH 44418, $245,000.

Ronald E. Talkowski, trustee, to Jennifer A. Draime, trustee, 8919 Singing Hills Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $210,000.

Dexter Geiger J/S Verla Geiger to Christopher Lee Moffitt, 1546 Maple Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $209,900.

Sylvia D. Wallace & John C. Wallace, Administrator to M Walker Investments LLC, 3836 McCleary Jacoby Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $204,100.

Lawrence A. Turk & Maria Norma Turk to Jonas R. Hershberger J/S Betty Y. Hershberger, Sweet West Road, Mesopotamia, OH, $200,000.

Doris E. Tackett to Michael J. Ricci, 5487 Pierce Road, Warren, OH 44481, $197,000.

Shelley J. Miller to Latoya Bullock J/S Kenneth Bullock, 3560 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $193,000.

Phillip Grafton J/S Joy Grafton to James B. Dellinger, 5 Heaton Boulevard, Niles, OH 44446, $193,000.

Phillip Grafton J/S Joy Grafton to James B. Dellinger, 1383 Heaton Boulevard, Niles, OH 44446, $193,000.

Robert N. Jennings Jr. to Aldred J. Redarowicz, 3524 Five Points Hartford Road, Fowler, OH 44418, $189,900.

Kenneth R. Rhodes to Dennis Leroy Miller J/S Belinda Kay Miller, 264 Parkview Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $189,900.

Linda L. Strickler to Jesstyn Crites J/S Christopher Crites, 2732 Mahan Denman Road, Bristolville, OH 44402, $186,000.

Ronald L. Wolfe Jr. to Jacob Lee Wolfe, 3769 Durst Clagg Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $185,000.

Rosemary Grayson to Vincent Dodgson, 2356 Andrews Drive, Warren, OH 44481, $180,000.

Randy W. Bailey to Jared C. Reger, 530 Perkinswood Boulevard, Warren, OH 44483, $175,000.

George J. Williams Sr. & Natalie R. Williams to Wayne Osborne J/S Carolyn Osborne, 2760 Deforest Road, Warren, OH 44484, $165,000.

Cherae Wilson to Dakota Robert Hathhorn J/S Kassandra Corrrine Konopka, 514 Rosegarden Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $165,000.

Grace C. Woodling to Matthew D. Constantino, 374 Durst Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $164,500.

John J. Murphy J/S Tamara L. Morrison to Michael J. Chartrand J/S Michelle Chartrand, 2047 Montclair Street, Warren, OH 44483, $151,200.

Simon D A K LLC to Groove Properties LLC, 5 Liberty Street, Girard, OH 44420, $150,000.

Charles L. Downs Jr. to Nathaniel Walton J/S Danielle Walton, 8374 Main Street, Kinsman, OH 44428, $145,000.

Gina M. Perry to Ryan Divens & Solanye Chacin, 255 Pineview Village, Warren, OH 44484, $145,000.

Deland E. Quarles & Katina Quarles to John M. Saltsman, 5150 Sampson Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $142,000.

Frances C. Rozzano, trustee, to 1329 Youngstown Rd LLC, 1976 Elm Road, Warren, OH 44483, $140,000.

Douglas A. Hanson to Teri R. Hogue J/S Herbert R. Hogue, 5117 Oak Knoll Avenue, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $138,000.

Logan D. Sines J/S Lindsey R. Orosz to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 2370 Griffith Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $136,080.

Diane L. New & Margaret L. Smith to Kaitlyn Bier J/S Nancy Faiver, 233 Prospect Street, Girard, OH 44420, $133,900.

Leslie A. Bennett & Lauri J. Baker to Isaiah Dickey, 933 McManus Road, Leavittsburg, OH 44430, $130,000.

Michael A. Adler to Alexandra K. Adler J/S Joseph Leshnack, 1146 Will-O-Wood Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $130,000.

William M. Germek to Mortgage Assets Management LLC, 568 North Road, Warren, OH 44484, $129,000.

Stephanie L. Bevilacqua & Jeffrey J. Prox to David Ritter J/S Rebecca Ritter, 1401 Difford Drive, Niles, OH 44446, $124,900.

Mickey M. Moyer Jr. to Charlotte Storm James J/S Mark Edward Liming Jr., 4519 Blount Street, Youngstown, OH 44505, $122,500.

Annette M. Toro to Arlo Culp, 1289 Perkinswood Boulevard, Warren, OH 44484, $120,000.

Robert C. Houck to Durst Holdings LLC, 921 Ward Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $118,100.

Amy M. Marsco & Mark W. Miller to Kaytlynn Whitt, 1356 Robbins Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $116,000.

Coletta J. White to It’s Five O’clock Somewhere LLC, 3699 Staunton Road, Youngstown, OH 44505, $115,000.

Amanda E. Boninsegna to Garrett C. Floyd, 1255 Perkinswood Boulevard, Warren, OH 44484, $115,000.

Durst Holdings LLC to Miles Jabob Shoffner, 3020 Solar Street, Warren, OH 44485, $113,050.

George A. & Joyce E. Kirila to FNB Oreo LLC, 7273 Joy Road, Brookfield, OH 44403, $112,100.

Leslee L. Smith to Michael B. Taylor, 1436 Marlane Drive, Girard, OH 44420, $111,000.

G & G Rental Properties LLC to Kristopher C. Ketcham, 21 Saint John Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $110,000.

Roberta G. Sprague to Cynthia L. Coleman, 1220 Collar Price Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $102,000.

Merle S. Auck J/S Melissa C. Auck to Loa Properties LLC, 39 East Second Street, Girard, OH 44420, $100,000.

Robert J. Celli to Marcus K. Smith J/S Anthony Burrus, 400 Idaho Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $100,000.

December 1-8, 2023
Youngstown Hotel LLC to OH 4055 Belmont LLC, 4055 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $3,902,986.

Bradley T. Taylor J/S Lisa M. Taylor to Joseph F. Aubel III J/S Terri L. Aubel, 2101 Oakwood Street, Girard, OH 44420, $470,000.

Steven J. Humansky J/S Amber L. Humansky to Timothy Willaman J/S Jamie Willaman, 2915 Newton Falls Tomlinson Road, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $330,000.

Storm A. Shapley to Andrew Reynold Beckman J/S Harmony Beckman, 3810 Carson Salt Springs Road, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $309,000.

Elizabeth Bertea to Richard S. Gasior J/S Carol B. Gasior, 8695 Kimblewick Lane, Warren, OH 44484, $300,000.

Ramona P. Zeck to Caleb Spalding J/S Jamie R. Spalding, 4242 Hallock Young Road, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $280,000.

Frank K. Houser III & Denise Johnson to Mandy Ingram, 2420 Norton Lane, North Bloomfield, OH 44450, $275,000.

Thomas C. Wilson J/S Diane L. Wilson to Nolan R. Yartz J/S Kristen Lucas, 7001 Downs North Road, Warren, OH 44481, $275,000.

James Cline to Daniel R. Rosenberger J/S Elisa M. Rosenberger, 404 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $249,000.

Allen S. Patterson to Courtney E. Fitz J/S Dean Fitz, 1637 Kinsman Road, North Bloomfield, OH 44450, $245,000.

Michael J. Naples Jr. & Anthony J. Naples to Larry D. Groves J/S Joanne Groves, 1605 Niles Vienna Road, Niles, OH 44446, $240,000.

William Paul Davis to Robert Easton, 289 Cricklewood Street, Cortland, OH 44410, $236,000.

Timothy W. Perkins & Pamela S. Perkins to Timothy W. Perkins Jr., 3680 Herr Fieldhouse Road, Southington, OH 44470, $231,000.

Diane C. Corbin, trustee, to Douglas J. Fenstermaker & Sheri A. Fenstermaker, 1301 Willowbrook Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $229,900.

Michael E. Mink to Jason B. Pitsinger J/S Jill Pitsinger, 1494 Millikin Place, Warren, OH 44483, $215,000.

Michael D. Maiella to Olivia Mitcheltree J/S Christopher McFarland, 6729 Stewart Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH 44403, $211,000.

Diane K. Hughes & Denise R. Rowe to Carla S. Ream, 2202 Willowbrook Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $207,500.

Alan C. Magos to Scott E. Mort, 1470 Warner Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $200,000.

Jerome L. Null to Jerry L. Null & Jerome L. Null, 1865 Brittainy Oaks Trail, Warren, OH 44484, $195,000.

Kevin J. Planty to Sarah Scarnecchia J/S Joshua Morgan, 128 Edward Street, Warren, OH 44483, $185,000.

Linda Divieste to Joslynn Properties LLC, 1351 Edgehill Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $180,000.

Connie M. Hunt to Dalton Gonzales, 1113 Prince Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $165,000.

Sandra J. Palette to Rina S. Manda, 4076 Valacamp Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $160,000.

Timothy W. Perkins Jr. to Mitchell L. Jackson, 265 Trumbull Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $159,900.

Patricia E. Leonard to David Tikkanen J/S Toni Fuzo, 2336 State Route 88, Cortland, OH 44410, $155,000.

Olde Towne Way I LLC to Vincent L. Reali, 433 South Main Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $149,900.

Ronnie J. Roberts to Al Scott, 4010 North Park Avenue, Warren, OH 44481, $149,500.

Heather L. Perry to Joseph Michael & Dowon Lewis, 756 Adelaide Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $145,500.

John T. Delgenio to Kevin A. Pangio J/S Erica R. Pangio, 509 Liberty Street, Youngstown, OH 44505, $145,000.

Kimberly L. Lickner, trustee, to Mary Walker J/S Tim Walker, 806 Moore Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $145,000.

Charles E. Swanson Jr. J/S Eric C. Swanson to Donald King, 331 Beverly Hills Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $142,000.

Mathew A. Brown to Adrien D. Rivers, 212 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $141,500.

Ace Property Management to Barbara Earnest, 416 Reed Court, Girard, OH 44420, $137,000.

Timothy Tyler, trustee, to Evan W. McBride, 4117 Fairlawn Heights Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $135,000.

Linda Bragg & Linda M. Bragg to Ethan R. Neff, 2640 McCleary Jacoby Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $132,000.

Joshua D. Morgan J/S Sarah Marie Scarnecchia to Alexander Daum, 559 Adelaide Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $115,000.

Joshua D. Morgan J/S Sarah Marie Scarnecchia to Alexander Daum, 549 Adelaide Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $115,000.

Helen M. Scarpaci to Direct Development LLC, 748 Meadowbrook Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $110,000.

Aurora E. LLC to Ryan B. Deiwert, 3536 Cardinal Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $101,000.

Kacie M. Porter & Kurt R. Householder to Joseph D. Frank T/D Dylan E. Frank, 5165 Alva Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $100,000.

Dan A. Byler J/S Ada J. Byler to Crist D. Byler J/S Andrew C. Byler, 5106 Donley Road, Middlefield, OH 44062, $100,000.

1024 N. Main LLC to Jonathan Creech, 1024 Main Street, Niles, OH 44446, $100,000.

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