Trumbull County Real Estate Sales: $100K+, February 2024

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Week of February 19, 2024
Michael E. Billett Jr. J/S Rikki L. Billett to Teresa Bedo, 8531 Kimblewick Lane, Warren, OH 44484, $495,000.

M Walker Investments LLC to George Pahoulis J/S Maria Pahoulis, 1208 Skyline Lane, Warren, OH 44484, $475,000.

Kap Leasing Ltd. to Shawn Jeffrey Ray Pelo & Sharrie Eileen Novotny, 1770 Windsor Trace, Warren, OH 44484, $438,000.

100 West Liberty LLC to RMR Land Company LLC, 100 West Liberty Street, Girard, OH 44420, $400,000.

Robert F. Nichols to Melissa Canaveral J/S Johel Canaveral III, 5717 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $379,900.

Warren A. Kalmar J/S Kathleen R. Kalmar to John Raymond Baltz III J/S Deborah Anna Baltz, 8548 Deer Creek Lane, Warren, OH 44484, $310,000.

Chase W. Giering J/S Sara. Giering to Matthew Bakos J/S Tracy Svane, 1881 Warner Road, Vienna, OH 44473, $300,000.

Marty A. Mast J/S Barbara O. Mast to Marty Ray Mast J/S Lorene Mast, 4988 Parkman Road, Southington, OH 44470, $300,000.

Michael L. Marvin to Shawn Thomas Martin, 4775 Logan Arms Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $285,000.

Joseph M. Slabaugh J/S Martha Slabaugh to Steven A. Kauffman, 4839 Portage Easterly, West Farmington, OH 44491, $280,000.

Stine & Tavie LLC to Diane M. Hites J/S Jeffrey Hites, 5285 Smith Stewart Road, Girard, OH 44420, $237,000.

Judy Marie Brdek to Jordan Grace Volkov J/S Jacob M. Volkov, 455 Bristol Champion Townline Road, Bristolville, OH 44402, $225,000.

Todd Baxter to Mark L. Kinnison, 1992 Howland Wilson Road, Warren, OH 44484, $219,000.

Peter Blosic, successor trustee, to Trenton John Page J/S Amelia Mack Page, 119 Ruth Avenue, Cortland, OH 44410, $217,000.

Shanri Holdings Corporation to Delliquadri Real Estate Inc, Darlington Avenue, Liberty Township, OH, $180,000.

Shanri Holdings Corporation to Delliquadri Real Estate Inc, Amherst Avenue, Liberty Township, OH, $180,000.

Anita L. Mrofchak to Golden Darby II LLC, 438 Golf Drive, Brookfield, OH 44403, $175,000.

Michael W. Foreman to Norman E. Hollister J/S Zephanie K. Hollister, 3561 Cadwallader Sonk Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $172,250.

Mary Elizabeth Mitrega to Anthony Laberto J/S Alexis Laberto, 1845 Carnegie Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $165,000.

Theresa Slavkosky to Braeden Paulson J/S Alyssa Vachino, 937 Lincoln Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $150,000.

Southwind Property Solutions LLC to Lauren McKee, 7872 First Street, Masury, OH 44438, $125,000.

Joseph A. Bottiglieri J/S Stephanie L. Bottiglieri to Figure Four Investments LLC, 334 Westchester Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $125,000.

Joseph Kanos J/S Brenda Kanos to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 1109 Mansell Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $120,192.

Timothy Gardner Jr. to Christopher T. Frye, 459 Symes Street, Masury, OH 44438, $119,000.

Robert Detolla to Brian Weir Jr., 8134 Addison Road, Masury, OH 44438, $114,000.

2201 Oakwood Street LLC to Jeremy Busse, 2201 Oakwood Street, Girard, OH 44420, $110,000.

George M. Fowler to Samantha Ann Booth, 512 Clermont Street, Girard, OH 44420, $110,000.

Ashley Lee Rice to William E. Rice II, 548 Secrist Lane, Girard, OH 44420, $107,000.

Ryan Richard Davis J/S Whitneay Alysia Suzanne Trosky to Reliable Housing Ltd., 262 Richards Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $104,000.

Eric Troy to International Technical Polymer Systems Inc., 940 Carle Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $100,000.

Big Run Ranch LLC to Destin L. Roth J/S Hailey A. Yeater, 2568 North River Road, Warren, OH 44483, $100,000.

Big Run Ranch LLC to Direct Development LLC, 3718 Hightree Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $100,000.

Week of February 12, 2024
John C. Miller J/S Sarah B. Miller to Jonathan D. Detweiler J/S Emma J. Detweiler, Hoffman Norton Road, Southington Township, OH, $375,000.

Daniel Thomas Pelletier J/S Stefanie Anne Pelletier to Todd A. Baxter, 1995 Henn Hyde Road, Warren, OH 44484, $349,900.

Marty Ray Mast to Deborah Lynn Kramer J/S Steven Robert Kramer, 4400 Herner County Line Road, Southington, OH 44470, $285,000.

Figure Four Investments LLC to John Weisman J/S Janeen Weisman, 523 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $277,000.

Donald R. Betts J/S Christy L. Betts to Jameca N. England, 2648 Beal Street, Warren, OH 44485, $250,000.

Primital Properties LLC to Aaron Moffett, 5813 Watson Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $240,000.

Eric J. Head & Alyssa M. Kralik to Tina Marie Greene J/S Paxton Michael House, 3307 Parkman Road, Warren, OH 44481, $233,450.

Cosmo Realty LLC to IK LLC, 1877 Niles Cortland Road, Warren, OH 44484, $202,500.

Janine M. Radu to Brett A. Bell J/S Megan L. Bell, 7691 Raglan Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $193,000.

Mary J. Zorn, trustee, to Figure Four Investments LLC, 523 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $185,000.

LAF to Panagiota M. Pahoulis J/S Peter D. Sankey, 4294 Allenwood Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $185,000.

James Edwin & Kinman Wygal to Patricia A. Slater, 921 Pinecrest Road, Girard, OH 44420, $175,000.

ZZ & Z Enterprises LLC to NAD Holdings LLC, 7011 East Market Street, Warren, OH 44484, $173,000.

Honi Homes LLC to Danielle Downing, 657 Kenmore Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $168,900.

Howland United Methodist Church to Forward Progress Incorporated, 3198 Overlook Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $165,000.

Adam J. Neff & Craig Jones to Kathleen Elizabeth Burdette, 3487 Milear Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $162,000.

Christian J. Critchlow to Colten F. Bencetic J/S Grace Stigliano, 6978 Pine Grove Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $159,500.

Jeffrey Thomas Polomsky & Susan Marie Polomsky to Mark Troyer, 2317 State Route 88, Bristolville, OH 44402, $142,900.

Paul R. Booth to Douglas Walker, 6291 Downs North Road, Warren, OH 44481, $140,000.

Samuel P. Court J/S Casey S. Court to Ethan Shiflett, 211 Kline Street, Girard, OH 44420, $135,000.

Gregory J. Wolfe J/S Linda S. Wolfe to Kaleb Smothers, 6977 Kingsville Road, Farmdale, OH 44417, $130,000.

James C. Wevers to Luke Alexander Bucey, 919 Ohio Avenue, McDonald, OH 44437, $122,000.

Andrew D. Hampton J/S Michele A. Hampton to Honi Homes LLC, 657 Kenmore Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $120,000.

Christopher M. Mills J/S Melissa L. Mills to Clester Dean, 433 Hayes Avenue, McDonald, OH 44437, $110,000.

Clifford J. Keller J/S Janna C. Briggs to Caleb Michael Sloan, 502 Greenville Road, Bristolville, OH 44402, $105,000.

Week of February 5, 2024
1610 Hubbard Thomas Road LLC to Hubbard Real Estate LLC, 1610 Hubbard Thomas Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $539,000.

Willard W. Hostetler J/S Karen A. Hostetler to Aaron J. Miller J/S Miriam L. Miller, 9210 State Route 534, Middlefield, OH 44062, $325,000.

Timothy Callion J/S Juanita D. Callion to Nicholas S. Wilson J/S Brooklyn Wilson, 700 Center Street, Warren, OH 44481, $321,000.

Ronda Acitelli to Alex Acitelli, 353 Airport Road, Warren, OH 44481, $275,000.

Richard K. Vonbergen to Kevin Hostetler J/S Julee Hostetler, 210 Aspen Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $245,000.

Michael D. Manley & Penny L. Manley to John B. Russell, 4081 Woodside Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $205,000.

Tuana Bennett Vinson to Belinda Stredrick, 2971 Dade Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $202,000.

Michael L. Molinari & Lisa M. Molinari, trustees, to William Norris Oswald Sr., 5118 Calla Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $199,900.

Marvin Strawder, trustee to Gregory J. Petherbridge, 1862 Youngstown Kingsville Road, Vienna, OH 44473, $184,714.

Lillian T. Madden to Luca Franz & Stephen Franz, 393 Sunset Drive, Brookfield, OH 44403, $180,000.

Danielle L. Rosier to Stacie S. Donaldson J/S Pamela R. Sweitzer, 1840 Nocturne Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $180,000.

Mecca Housing Company LLC to Toni Cameron J/S Ian McKnight, 1081 Prince Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $177,500.

Jennifer Regan Reed to Jeremy Heath, 216 Lincoln Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $175,900.

Michael J. Bell to Morgan Leigh Lopuchovsky, 7647 Connelly Road, Masury, OH 44438, $175,000.

BCB Capital LLC to Mason Everhart, 170 Helen Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $161,000.

Corinne L Jacobs & John R. Vrabel Jr. to Kelsey Lynne Kepple, 5804 Watson Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $150,000.

Barbara A. Manners, successor trustee, to Zachary J. Bower, 1175 State Route 7, Hubbard, OH 44425, $150,000.

Krista L. Dye to Gary Titch J/S Nisveta Titch, 3393 Ivy Hill Circle, Unit E, Cortland, OH 44410, $138,000.

Robert J. DeFrances J/S Sharon L. DeFrances to Robert Scott Bailey & Barbara B. Bailey, Co-trustees, 3831 North Woods Court #2, Warren, OH 44483, $135,000.

Simple Sale LLC to Inspiring Minds Inc, 1215 Woodland, Warren, OH 44483, $134,000.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to OK Mit LLC, 912 Florida Avenue, McDonald, OH 44437, $132,500.

Kenneth S Fultz to Michael Wensel J/S Allison Wensel, 235 Belvedere Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $129,900.

Terra A. Brown to Paul McKeith Davis Jr., 7909 East Second Street, Masury, OH 44438, $125,000.

Dorothy J. Copeland, trustee, to James A. Peace J/S Jennifer C. Peace, 703 Esther Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $125,000.

RRC Investment Properties LLC to Shane Beach J/S Taylor Beach, 135 Republic Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $123,600.

Lisa M. Cocca to James Purtell Trust, 73 Parish Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425, $123,500.

Gary Walczak to Sara L. Skaggs, 4853 Lakeview Road, West Farmington, OH 44491, $121,000.

Brenda C. McNamara to Terri L. Book, 1447 Hillcrest Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $115,000.

Evgeny Makarev to Leighton J. Gratton J/S Doreen M. Gratton, 1166 Niles Cortland Road, Warren, OH 44484, $110,000.

Allison M. Keith to Lashanna R. Barron, 2838 South Street, Warren, OH 44483, $110,000.

Wes2hio LLC to Joseph Spurio, 815 Ward Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $102,800.

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