Trumbull County Real Estate Sales: $100K+, January 2022

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Week of January 10, 2022
Grace Woods Niles Realty LLC to Grace Woods Assisted Living of Niles Propco LLC, 1800 Gracewoods Drive, Niles, OH 44446, $3,040,000.

Grace Woods Niles Realty LLC to Grace Woods Assisted Living of Niles Propco LLC, 1819 Vienna Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $3,040,000.

JJF 4 LLC to RD YT LLC, Mahoning Avenue, Warren Township, OH, $800,000.

Charles D. Recser to Austin Bergana J/S Cortni Bowser, 9445 King Graves Road, Warren, OH 44484, $425,000.

Valley View Properties Ltd. to Angel Lots LLC, Drummond Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425, $375,000.

Valley View Properties Ltd. to Angel Lots LLC, West Liberty Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $375,000.

Robin Derue to Emery L. Stutzman, 4009 Portage Easterly, West Farmington, OH 44491, $358,600.

Lisa M. Taddei to Mary Lynn Borkman, 4325 Herner County Line Road, Southington, OH 44470, $299,900.

Ryan Hallapy to Richard J. Dematteis J/S Tressa A. Dematteis, 74 Timber Circle Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $278,250.

Marvin N. Wengerd & Arlene P. Wengerd to James A. Tackett & Fran M. Wolf, trustees, Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $250,000.

Charlotte J. Custer & Saul K. Custer to Brian R. Marrison J/S Tammy L. Marrison, 6475 Webber Cole Road, Kinsman, OH 44428, $239,000.

Lorraine K. Jones to Donna M. Natali, 2657 Lydia Drive, Warren, OH 44481, $225,000.

Viviane L. Watson to Christopher Jones, 6641 Mahoning Avenue, Warren, OH 44481, $219,900.

Donald E. Busch to Donald R. Linville J/S Jenifer S. Dalton, 4680 Scenic Drive, West Farmington, OH 44491, $215,000.

M & B Weiser Family LLC to Donald Schmucker J/S Viola Schmucker, Durst Colebrook Road, Greene Township, OH, $210,000.

Ronald E. Szykulski & Lydia A. Horvat to Matthew G. McCracken, 324 Saw Mill Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $209,000.

Melissa Kovach J/S Travis Springer to Vincent Guerrieri, 6556 Ridge Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $208,000.

Donald D. Jeziorski, trustee, to N.L. Duker, trustee, 2010 Powder Mill Run, Youngstown, OH 44505, $205,000.

Frances A. Ollila & Eric M. Ollila to Giovannina Dellavalle J/S Lamar McGary, 3017 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $202,000.

Harry M. Krause to Trisha A. Scharville, 129 Parish Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425, $189,900.

Vincent S. Perisa to Jason Evans J/S Heidi Evans, 975 Palmetto Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $189,500.

Diane Lynn Prince, trustee, to John P. Giangardella, 25 Woodland Chase Boulevard, Niles, OH 44446, $186,610.

Carol J. Fitch to Shirley Bolen J/S Kevin Bolen, 1571 Maple Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $180,000.

Katie L. Peoples J/S Christopher Machuzak to Natalie S. Eddy J/S Travis C. Montgomery, 7894 Sutton Place, Warren, OH 44484, $176,250.

Richard E. Banks to Stephen M. Micheline J/S Jennine M. Micheline, 4754 Michigan Boulevard, Youngstown, OH 44505, $175,000.

George Kaniclides to Robert W. Cregar, trustee, 1431 Windward Way, Niles, OH 44446, $170,000.

Susan L. Greaves to Kyle O’Hare, 410 Nebraska Avenue, McDonald, OH 44437, $165,000.

Todd M. Callen Jr. to Jason W. Pruski J/S Leah A. Pruski, 58 Fairlawn Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $160,000.

Justin Shaker J/S Brittany Jorgensen to Kenneth E. Clark J/S Chapperall L. Mocella, 5781 Louise Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $155,000.

Rachel Bennington to Justin M. Knepper, 5120 Alva Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $150,000.

James D. Governor, trustee, to Donald DiGiovanni J/S Ruth E. DiGiovanni, Mahoning Avenue, Champion Township, OH, $147,000.

Emerson W. Shick J/S Dolores L. Shick to Thomas Slage J/S Stephanie Slage, 1969 Farmdale Avenue, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $141,000.

Tyler Lias to Robert Vansickle, 249 Parkview Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $140,000.

80 4 All Inc. to Jeffrey Cosola J/S Brenda Cosola, 453 Broadway Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $139,000.

Mary Ann Nagle & Becky Gregor to Tiffany G. Tyree, 1641 Coventry Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $138,900.

Nathan R. Wiltsie J/S Paul D. Collins to Michael Brian Nelson, 4736 East Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $138,000.

Curtis R. Coulter J/S Laura E. Proctor to Francinner J. Mitchum, 2626 Beal Street, Warren, OH 44485, $135,000.

Christine A. Cordy, trustee, to Eric B. Fortune Sr. J/S Gina M. Fortune, 397 Yvonne Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $131,500.

Joe L. Jackson to Ronnie Mitchell J/S Rosilyn M Mitchell, 2386 Wilshire Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $130,000.

David Lukach & Christine A. Patrick to Anthony Balestrino, 778 Jones Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $128,000.

Beverly E. Pinto to Alonzo Terrell Boykin Jr., 779 Meadowbrook Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $127,000.

Shannon E. McCartney to Todd Thurber, 3262 Pheasant Run Unit B, Cortland, OH 44410, $126,500.

Beverly J. Connell to Sara C. Buzzard, 113 West Church Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $125,000.

Bonnie Bowen to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd., 4805 McConnell East Road, Southington, OH 44470, $118,000.

Charlotte W. Perry, trustee, to Dustin Barker, 3178 State Route 5, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $117,000.

Joseph M. Click & Carla L. Thompson to Michael V. Dapruzzo, 1581 Huffman Drive, Warren, OH 44481, $110,000.

Debra D. Quinn to Bradley Carr J/S Kira Estes, 240 North Bank Street, Cortland, OH 44410, $107,000.

Kyle G. Ecklund & Jacob I. Ecklund to Nancy Metzler, 3543 Milear Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $102,000.

Week of January 3, 2022
Bakers Development Group to 628 Howland LLC, 628 Niles Cortland Road, Warren, OH 44484, $930,000.

Gary R. Gibson to Alex L. Miksit, 8900 South Street, Warren, OH 44484, $492,500.

William A. Kennedy J/S Shelley L. Kennedy to Stephanie E. Park, 3415 South Canal Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $386,000.

Alex Miksit to Hector Beltran J/S Jordan Beltran, 121 Fairway Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $375,000.

My Legacy LLC to Brian S. Vickers J/S Tisha Vickers, 6377 Brianna Way, Warren, OH 44481, $365,000.

Angela M. Hill-Mauzy to David M. Fasser J/S Jessica M. Barber, 250 Michaels Court, Cortland, OH 44410, $325,000.

Donna M. Natali to Dakoda C. Williams J/S Jennifer D. Smallsreed, 4921 Nelson Mosier Road, Southington, OH 44470, $320,000.

Watts Family Enterprise LLC to Ernest Dean Bowen III J/S Karissa Lynn Bowen, 4463 Cloverlane Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $300,000.

John T. Martucci J/S Kimberly A. Martucci to David W. Sayers J/S Jennifer Darnell Sayers, 3279 Catherine Street, Vienna, OH 44473, $293,000.

Pramod K. Suri, trustee, to Kyle A. Leek J/S Ashley M. King, 470 Avalon Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $285,000.

Andy E. Miller J/S Irma A. Miller to Robert M. Miller J/S Rebecca W. Miller, 9083 State Route 534, Middlefield, OH 44062, $265,000.

Kelly Preston Gordon to Kareem I. Ash, 230 Jean Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $254,500.

George T. Urick to Warren L. Wolfe & Diantha L. Wolfe, 1200 Hubbard Thomas Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $250,000.

Thomas J. Wills J/S Patricia M. Wills to Vincent James Digiacobbe, trustee, 160 Laura Lane, Cortland, OH 44410, $234,400.

Mark A. Moss Jr. J/S Carlie Moss to Daymaris Guinart Blanco J/S Nestor Cabrera, 4039 Whippoorwill Way, Youngstown, OH 44505, $220,000.

Meleny Dibell J/S Brett A. Dibell to Rebecca Bartha, 3748 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, OH 44473, $219,900.

Kenneth P. Amrein J/S Sandra Amrein to Bryan T. Frazzini J/S Jennifer L. Frazzini, 321 Lauretta Lane, Hubbard, OH 44425, $215,000.

Victoria L. Patterson to Michael T. Carney J/S Sandra N. Clark, 4194 Helsey Fusselman Road, Southington, OH 44470, $201,828.

Anthony J. Rura J/S Alexis M. Hribar to John T. Bosley J/S Sarah C. Bosley, 4996 Pin Oak Drive, Vienna, OH 44473, $200,000.

Nicholas A. Toumazos Sr. J/S Lidia H. Toumazos to R A Zabel Real Estate LLC, 426 West Market Street, Warren, OH 44481, $200,000.

David D. Bailey & Diane K. Johnstone to Ronald J. Kollar Jr. J/S Jessica L. Kollar, 5708 Palmyra Road, Warren, OH 44481, $186,000.

Katherine B. Sefcik to Harry Alexander & John Leith, 812 New York Avenue, McDonald, OH 44437, $172,000.

John R. Hulan, trustee, to Charles E. Eggleston, 8894 Cain Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $170,000.

John A. Macali, trustee, to Joseph C. Canann, 8408 Hunters Trail, Warren, OH 44484, $155,000.

Bridget N. Szeltner to Rebecca Orioha, 541 Murray Hill Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $150,000.

Andrew Osborne to Travis Reitano, 7991 Pound Road, Hubbard, OH 44425, $148,000.

Rita M. Hunter to Sheba Scott & Randy Scott, 3933 Sodom Hutchings Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $147,000.

Gregory A. Dominic to Gregory A. Dominic Jr., 1211 County Line Road, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $145,000.

Larry Glass to Dennis J. Ahlswede J/S Patricia J. Ahlswede, 3909 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $145,000.

Cristal M. Berry to Angel R. Wilson, 1229 Ellsworth Bailey Road, Warren, OH 44481, $143,000.

Joleen K. Cicchinelli to Mallorie Molek & Geno Bryce Barricella, 199 Camrose Drive, Niles, OH 44446, $142,900.

Michael Zane Proffitt to John T. Blike III J/S Caitlin M. Proffitt, 3261 Lynwood Drive, Warren, OH 44485, $137,500.

Alexis L. Broll to Joshua A. Balko, 857 Lawrence Avenue, Girard, OH 44420, $135,000.

Bradley C. Parker to Jonah Walp J/S Amy Walp, 1117 Beechwood Drive, Girard, OH 44420, $135,000.

Candace K. Christy to Carol Lynn Wilson, 3456 Warren Meadville Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $130,000.

Jeremy L. Luzadder J/S Megan R. Munroe to Caelan M. Phillips, 1776 Hollywood Street, Warren, OH 44484, $129,900.

Derrick J. Massuri to Chelsey N. Santucci, 3870 North Woods Unit 3, Warren, OH 44483, $125,000.

Richard A. Hamilton to Jeffrey Meyers, 1745 Edgewood Street, Warren, OH 44483, $120,000.

Vaughn H. Cover to Olivia M. Hadzigeorge J/S Thomas W. Lawhorn, 848 Eastland Avenue, Warren, OH 44484, $112,000.

Donovan L. Agostino to Melbern Byler, 10001 Creaser Road, Orwell, OH 44076, $110,000.

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