Trumbull County Real Estate Sales: $100K+, January 2023

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Week of January 16, 2023
Larry R. Reed to Bill J. Mullet J/S Edna A. Mullet, 2962 Sodom Hutchings Road, Fowler, OH 44418, $737,000.

Dominic A. Marino & Bernice B. Marino to William E. Mullane Elizabeth A. Barrickman, 321 Westchester Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $449,900.

The Dunlap Family Limited Partnership to James L. Timlin, 3740 Saint Andrews Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $280,000.

V T Larney Ltd. to Liberty Senior Lofts LLC, 5350 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $279,053.

Trumbull Properties Co. Limited Partnership to Storage of America LLC, 2700 West Market Street, Warren, OH 44485, $220,000.

Homer H. Yoder J/S Martha L. Yoder to Homer H. Yoder Jr. J/S Kathryn M. Yoder, 4500 County Line Clark Road, West Farmington, OH 44491, $200,000.

Donette R. Wanen to James Detelich J/S Denise Vuich, 9078 Inverrary Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $180,000.

Richard Lee Sheppard Jr. J/S Marjorie Sheppard to Grace F. Merkel, 4463 Willow Creek Drive, Warren, OH 44484, $168,150.

Raymond C. Miller J/S Loma Mae Miller to Ervin C. Byler J/S Mahala R. Byler, 4059 Portage Easterly Road, West Farmington, OH 44491, $165,000.

Milton Morrison to Karyn Cipriano, 8531 Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield, OH 44062, $164,900.

Mary Jo Knuth to Michael Ray Adams, 1142 Will O Wood Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $160,000.

Ridgeview Limited Partners to Big Dipper Development LLC, 1923 Ridge Road, Warren, OH 44484, $138,750.

Kevin D. Taylor J/S Melissa K. Taylor to Bruce E. Stewart, 344 Kenmore Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $135,000.

Caroline Lucariello to Michael Thaddeus Strachan & Isabella R. Strachan, 1112 Mason Street, Niles, OH 44446, $125,000.

Mark Campbell to G 5 S LLC, 2940 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505, $125,000.

Richard W. Davis Jr. J/S Rebecca D. Davis to Aaron Wallace & Jason Sylak, 1783 Dumont Drive, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $110,881.

Jonathan S. McNeel & Susan C. McNeel to Morgan Campbell J/S Stacey Campbell, 555 Syme Street, Masury, OH 44438, $100,000.

Creekside Property Company LLC to Bailee Wolanzyk, 617 Perkinswood Boulevard, Warren, OH 44483, $100,000.

Week of January 9, 2023
Sharon R. Braunberns Trust to RAK Inc., 5110 North Park Avenue, Cortland, OH 44410, $520,000.

Jules Gasior J/S Dionna McCool to Jenna L. Bokros, 3881 Meander Drive, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $370,000.

Janice Lee Everitt to Lil John Campground LLC, 6674 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $314,000.

Diana L. Dalton to Ryan D. Canatsey J/S Stephanie Canatsey, 580 Burning Oaks, Warren, OH 44484, $280,000.

M Walker Investments LLC to Destiny Labbe J/S Thomas Fynes, 548 Murray Hill Drive, Youngstown, OH 44505, $206,000.

Stephanie R. Weaver to Robert W. Cregar, trustee, 809 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $200,000.

Custom Countertop Specialties Inc. to Robert Patrick Knepper & Thomas Conrad Brenkert, 175 Main Street, Cortland, OH 44410, $200,000.

Custom Countertop Specialties Inc. to Robert Patrick Knepper & Thomas Conrad Brenkert, 169 West Main Street, Cortland, OH 44410, $200,000.

Custom Countertop & Specialties Inc. to Robert Patrick Knepper & Thomas Conrad Brenkert, 161 West Main Street, Cortland, OH 44410, $200,000.

Tom Morello J/S Diana & Morello Deserio to Sherri D. Vennitti, 111 North Aspen Court #2, Warren, OH 44484, $200,000.

M Walker Investments LLC to Deborah L. Teffner J/S Russell J. Teffner, 335 Atwood Street, Warren, OH 44483, $191,000.

Kimberly I. Cleer & Karen D. Weis to David A. Everett J/S Deborah M. Everett, 3654 Cadwallader Sonk Road, Cortland, OH 44410, $175,000.

Connie B. Ruvolo to Shawn Ruonavaara J/S Robin Savona Ruonavaara, 2139 Austintown Warren Road, Warren, OH 44481, $170,000.

Eloise M. Roles to Christopher Costa J/S Lisa Costa, 6867 Stewart Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH 44403, $168,500.

Nicholas J. Wagner to Desiree L. Gorbey J/S Mitchell R. Gorbey, 940 Nancy Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $161,000.

Martha S. McGowan to Christopher Duman, 8080 Warren Sharon Road, Masury, OH 44438, $149,900.

Brenda Dobran & Robert Biel to Daniel J. Messinger, 1770 Lucretia Drive, Girard, OH 44420, $148,000.

Duroub Yacoub to Rebecca E. Koulalis J/S John Koulalis, 188 Logan Avenue, Warren, OH 44483, $142,000.

Terry D. Hegner to Lisa Albani, 387 Meadowview Circle, Warren, OH 44483, $140,000.

Divvy Homes Warehouse I LLC to Wayne P. Lewis Jr., 458 Arbor Circle, Youngstown, OH 44505, $137,900.

Walter R. Moore & Nancy L. Moore to Jeffrey J. Jewett, Orangeville Kinsman Road, Burghill, OH 44404, $130,000.

Gary L. Thompson, Trustee, to William R. Martin J/S Tracie Lynne Martin, 5516 State Route 422, Southington, OH 44470, $129,800.

Geraldine L. Palumbo to Joseph Palumbo Jr., 137 South Main Street, Hubbard, OH 44425, $120,000.

Wilhelmina L. Bartlett to Jeffery A. Emerine, 5815 North Park Avenue, Bristolville, OH 44402, $115,000.

417 Center Street LLC to Donnie Reid Enterprises LLC, 417 North Center Street, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $115,000.

Jacqueline R. Sloan & Michael T. Lucik to My Legacy LLC, 9190 Painesville Warren State Road, North Bloomfield, OH 44450, $110,000.

Kimberly Ann Hoppe Merlo to Richard Ward, 1642 Cullinan, Masury, OH 44438, $104,000.

Week of January 2, 2023
Jalcon Corporation to Heritage Ohio LLC, 6923 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield, OH 44403, $1,660,500.

Jalcon Corporation to Heritage Ohio LLC, 415 Robbins Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $1,660,500.

Jalcon Corporation to Heritage Ohio LLC, 180 Garfield Drive, Warren, OH 44483, $1,660,500.

Riley Construction of Ohio LLC to Ethan Wyble & Lisa Hollendonner, 5031 State Route 46, Cortland, OH 44410, $360,000.

Richard D. Baumgardner Inc. to Heritage Ohio LLC, 8569 State Route 7, Kinsman, OH 44428, $311,740.

NEO Group 1 LLC to Ashley Pfeiffer J/S Steven Pfeiffer, 1918 Youngstown Kingsville Road, Vienna, OH 44473, $299,900.

Ruth E. Smith J/S David W. Smith to Myles A. Shade J/S Makayla Shade, 120 Frostwood Drive, Cortland, OH 44410, $250,000.

Rock Island Real Estate Inc. to Pinnacle Real Estate Associates Inc., 1948 Niles Warren River Road, Mineral Ridge, OH 44440, $250,000.

Rock Island Real Estate Inc. to Pinnacle Real Estate Associates Inc., 1934 Niles Warren River Road, Niles, OH 44446, $250,000.

Judy A. Wiseman J/S Robert J. Spitak to Richard L. Silvers J/S Linda K. Silvers, 301 Cranberry Court, Warren, OH 44483, $245,000.

Leonard A. Wilson J/S Lisa Y. Wilson to Darnel Jackson, 116 North Crandon Avenue, Niles, OH 44446, $229,900.

Yuhasz Brothers LLC to Cleveland Museum of Natural History, State Route 534, Mesopotamia Township, OH, $210,825.

Homer H. Yoder Jr. to Kenneth D. Borkholder J/S Linda J. Borkholder, 7854 South Girdle Road, Middlefield, OH 44062, $200,000.

Jonas M. Miller & Donnie Weaver to Melvin J. Hershberger, 2356 Shanks Corners Downs, Southington Township, OH, $200,000.

Doris C. Cope to Melissa A. Grabowski J/S Christa Lynn Grabowski, 34 Heath Drive, Warren, OH 44481, $197,500.

Marsha Barton to Michael S. Disilvio J/S Desiree L. Disilvio, 1050 Doris Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $167,500.

Levi S. Bailey J/S Chelsea R. Bailey to John D. Constiner II J/S Crystle M. Constiner, 2806 Beal Street, Warren, OH 44485, $164,900.

Melissa A. Grabowski to Kathleen M. Clement J/S Walter M. Clement, 3479 Ivy Hill Circle, Unit A, Cortland, OH 44410, $157,000.

Jalto Holdings LLC to Cindy M. Wade, 135 Blossom Lane, Niles, OH 44446, $145,000.

Davis International Inc. to Wolfpack Partners LLC, Ellsworth Bailey, Lordstown Village, OH, $140,000.

Billie L. Martha to Jeremy Martin J/S Annette Martin, 4399 Richmond Avenue, Newton Falls, OH 44444, $138,000.

Nam to Matthew Christine, 1199 Leslie Lane, Girard, OH 44420, $135,000.

Virgil Puckett to Eric R. Dunlap, 223 Prentice Road, Warren, OH 44481, $130,000.

Thomas W. Weaver J/S Sherril S. Weaver to Danny Myers & Carrie Pittsmyers, 175 Euclid Boulevard, Youngstown, OH 44505, $130,000.

H2 Capital Partners LLC to Rental Props 2022 LLC, 307 Seventh Street, McDonald, OH 44437, $120,000.

Kimberly A. Montecalvo to Phillip Elser, 2776 Heather Lane, Warren, OH 44484, $115,000.

Jerry Sweed to HHM Ventures LP, 630 Saul Drive, Hubbard, OH 44425, $114,000.

Donald George McFarren to Nathaniel Walters, 272 Grandview Avenue, Hubbard, OH 44425, $105,000.

Kendra M. Bevins to James Guinn, 3169 Ivy Hill Circle, Unit C, Cortland, OH 44410, $100,000.

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