Trumbull Partnership Secures $1.8M in State Lead Safety Initiative

WARREN, Ohio — In an effort to curb the hazards of toxic lead exposure, Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) has been named among 53 recipients of a new Ohio state initiative, receiving $1.8 million to enhance lead safety in homes, childcare venues, and group living settings.

The Lead Safe Ohio program has committed a total of $84 million to reinforce lead mitigation and prevention strategies across 72 counties. The investment is a critical component of Ohio’s proactive measures to secure its citizens from the health threats posed by lead, according to a release.

TNP Housing Coordinator Mikenna McClurg, serving as the principal liaison for the initiative, underscored the grant’s impact on reducing lead-related dangers.

 “This grant will allow us to mitigate those risks for a great number of properties,” McClurg said.

McClurg also pointed to the growing demand for skilled lead abatement professionals and individuals possessing EPA Renovation, Repair, and Paint certifications, calling upon contractors to attain lead certification through TNP to meet this urgent need.

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