Ultium Charge 360 Amplifies EV Ownership

DETROIT – Ultium Charge 360 was introduced last year as a way to take an alternative approach to integrating charging networks, GM vehicle mobile apps and other products and services relating to the charging experience.

GM says they are working with a variety of third parties to ensure easier charging access and wider availability. These third party members include charge point operators, government agencies and electric utilities.

Mobile apps to identify the closest charging stations and offering options for charging session initiation and payment are continuing to be updated. GM is also planning to offer additional charging accessories and installation services to help customer’s transition to an EV lifestyle more easily.

Similar easy access strategies will be implemented for fleets, GM says. This includes solutions to help identify providers, tools and solutions that are necessary to plan, finance, deploy and operate charging infrastructure. Fleet and facility management tools, such as OnStar Vehicle Insight and the BrightDrop Software Platform are also be integrated.

GM is also offering a few other services to enhance the ownership experience. Over-the-air programming with “easy mobile service” or service dealer pick-up/drop-off options will be available.

Battery warranty, battery performance monitoring and “myBrand” apps are being incorporated. The apps will monitor battery health, energy status and help plan the best routes for electric vehicles.

Source: General Motors

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.