Updated Outlook for GM Charging Stations Plans

DETROIT – General Motors has announced its plans for offering thousands of more charging stations within the next few years.

The company says that charging station public access availability is one of the biggest barriers for people interested in purchasing electric vehicles. This is why they are working to make public and home charging even more attainable, Hoss Hassani, EV Ecosystem director, said in the GM Ultium Effect series video “Expanding the Charging Ecosystem.”

“Ultium Charge 360 will be an integration of products, services, networks, that we designed to enhance the customers’ electric vehicle ownership experience,” he said. “There are about 85,000 chargers that exist in the U.S. and Canada today. We are going to deploy up to 40,000 additional chargers over the next few years.”

In 2021, GM announced its plan to invest $750 million to launch its Ultium Charge 360 program. This initiative will be taking place this year and further distribution plans have been declared.
In the U.S., 90% of the population is within 10 miles of a GM dealership, Hassani says.. With the Dealer Community Charging Program, GM will give each dealership 10 Level 2 destination chargers they can deploy in their community.

“General Motors is investing with EVgo over 3,250 DC fast chargers over the next few years,” Hassani said. “That investment is really enabling EVgo to build that infrastructure to launch faster.”

In early 2023, Hassani says GM will be launching the first line-up of Ultium-branded electric vehicle supply Level 2 chargers. Additionally, the same people who design the company’s vehicles are designing these chargers, improving reliability and dependability, he said.

“We believe that open charging infrastructure for all will continue to help us to accelerate EV adoption more quickly across North America,” Hassani said. “We are really writing a new chapter in fusion tech transportation ability.”

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Source: General Motors

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.