Using the ABC Method of Critical Thinking

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Krishnni Khanna, a high school student in Austin, Texas, told the audience at TEDx Youngstown how she overcame bullying from fellow students when she first arrived in California as an immigrant from India. Her classmates constantly ridiculed her for her looks, repeatedly called her “annoying” and thrust other insults upon her.

After two years of struggling, Khanna began to embrace a path of introspection and critical thinking that eventually freed her from the repetitive words that once harmed her. “I started to tell myself the opposite and use my personal experience to back that up,” she said. “My parents like me the way I am. My current friends like me the way I am.”

However, it intrigued her to explore more in depth how repeated falsehoods – absent of evidence, proof and fact – could be regarded as truth. “If we don’t bother to check what we believe, we’re creating a society where lies and truths become easy to confuse, spreading more inaccuracies.”

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