Veterans Inspire Workforce at Aim Transportation Services

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The origin of Aim Transportation Solutions took root more than 100 years ago in Youngstown. It began with one man who had a horse and buggy, and an idea. 

Today Aim employs more than 1,200 to maintain over 11,000 commercial vehicles across the United States.

“That’s the American Dream,” says Conrad Smith, an Aim employee who nominated the company’s veterans.

“That American Dream wouldn’t be attainable without the selfless men and women who serve, and have served, this land, its citizens and ideals. Aim wouldn’t be possible without them either. We will never lose sight of that,” Smith says.

“The devotion these extraordinary individuals have shown their country is immeasurable. To have them driving trucks, turning wrenches, leading our company and selling our services all for the betterment and success of Aim fills us with honor and appreciation.”

Aim’s roster of veterans goes all the way to the top.

Scott Fleming, co-president of the family-owned company, served in Iraq as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Fleming earned a commendation medal with valor for his heroic actions, which included more than 120 combat security patrols and participation in numerous operations.

Veterans and active-duty personnel are employed at the 50 locations nationwide that Aim operates. There are too many to list them all and each one deserves to be saluted, Smith says.

“We recognize and appreciate the collective sum of all our veterans and active-duty personnel. The unwavering commitment they’ve shown their country is directly reflected in their commitment to Aim’s mission, and it’s contagious. They remind us that no mountain is too steep. That whatever lay ahead can be scaled with hard work, grit and persistence. They elevate everyone in their orbit, and that elevates Aim as a whole,” he says.

Among those veterans are Shirley Bland, Aim’s fleet asset manager, who serves as a master sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve. So, too, does her son, Sgt. Joe Bland.

“Our veterans and active-duty personnel infuse our company with pride, passion and patriotism,” says Smith. “These veterans inspire us to work harder, to be better, to give back to the community – just as they have done on the grandest scale,” Smith says.

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