Video Services

Featured on our DailyBUZZ or “3 Minutes With”?
We make available opportunities to purchase, at a low cost, specific video segments that appear on our website, that companies and organizations can then post on their websites and distribute as they wish. For more information, email Publisher Andrea Wood or call 330 744 5023, Ext. 205.
Additional video services we provide include:

  • Business Profiles
  • Sales Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Commercials
  • And more!

Hire The Business Journal Production Team for all of your video needs. Award-winning writers, producers, on-camera talent and videographers can spotlight your company in a variety of ways:

Business Profiles
Customized business profile videos provide structure and personalization to your website! With busy customers and executives, a brief two to three minute video can cut through the clutter and help communicate with your audience in an entirely new way. When completed, your business will have a one-of-a-kind video that can be posted anywhere!

Sales Videos
Our team will come to your location and produce an action-packed video on how your product is produced and what makes your company stand out from the rest. We will also provide you with professionally labeled DVDs to use as sales videos.

Training Videos
Whether it’s training your employees on new software, what’s expected on the job or required safety procedures, our production team will work side by side with your company’s designated representative to create an engaging, easy-to-understand video communicating the important information. The video can then be accessed via your website, or presented in DVD format to current employees and new hires.

Our creative team incorporates music, graphics and on location video to produce mini-ads or longer form commercials for the web, television or radio.

For more information, call 330-744-5023 or 1-800-837-6397.