Webinar: Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio with Team NEO

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – By 2025, 65% of Ohio’s workforce will require at least a two-year degree or certified marketable skill, according to Team NEO’s 2020 Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio report. 

As of 2018, only 34% of the workforce has a two-or four-year degree and another 21% have some training but no degree or certificate to show for it.

To address the growing gap between in-demand careers and qualified workers, team members from TeamNEO and the Regional Chamber will address how businesses can begin to address this shortfall through inclusive training and certification programs.

Some of the gaps could be addressed in part by improving academic and skills attainment among under-represented populations, according to the Team NEO report.

Only 23% of Black people and Hispanics possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 35% of White people and 64% of Asian people, the report finds. Only 5% of credentials went to Black people, who make up 14% of the region’s population. Black people are over-represented in lower-paying service positions, with 28% of them holding such jobs, compared with 16% of White people. 

This webinar features insights from Team NEO vice president of strategy and research Jacob Duritsky, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber chief operating officer Sarah Boyarko, Eastern Gateway Community College senior vice president Art Daly and Dean Trilling, business engagement and operations consultant with RITE.

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