Webinar | Low Cost, High Return SEO Strategy

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — A free webinar next week will give marketing and business leaders the tools to generate high-quality leads that drive revenue without spending a lot of money.

The team at iSynergy in partnership with The Business Journal is hosting a free webinar “High ROI Marketing Strategies | SEO Methods and Metrics” to teach small- and medium-sized businesses how to command their digital strategy with a cost-effective SEO solution. Anthony Cornejo and Dan Reash of iSynergy will explain why attracting and retaining organic leads doesn’t have to be expensive with a solid foundation of SEO knowledge.

“The ultimate goal is to get organic leads and drive organic sales and traffic that are quality [for your business],” said Cornejo, SEO specialist.

The webinar is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 18. Click HERE to register.

Some of the top SEO metrics the iSynergy SEO specialists will discuss include:

  • Website domain rating
  • Backlinks
  • Bad backlinks
  • Anchor text
  • Keyword ranking
  • Google search Console
  • Google analytics
  • Organic traffic & organic conversions

Cornejo and Reash will define what these metrics are, as well as where to find this information. They’ll also discuss how to start out by conducting a quick website audit, which includes taking a look at a website’s image sizes, plug-ins, indexing pages and on-page SEO factors such as duplicated content, meta description, title and headings.

On top of measuring the above SEO metrics, it is equally important to track them periodically, they say. Assessing and monitoring SEO growth is essential to knowing if a strategy is working. An example of this would be noting the number of keywords a website ranks for at the start of the SEO strategy, and then again a few months later to compare, they say.

The ultimate goal is to get organic leads and drive organic sales by optimizing website SEO. If done correctly, this cost-effective jumpstart can contribute to a company’s overall lead-generation goal.

Register for free by clicking HERE.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.