Which Employees Are Most Satisfied with Their Bosses?

With about 35% of U.S. employees unhappy in their work roles, Slot Tracker set out to ask residents in various states whether they were satisfied with their bosses and why.

The top 10 industries claiming to like their bosses was led by media and internet at 84.4%, followed closely by charity and voluntary at 82.9%, information technology at 78.3% and consulting and management at 78%. All four of those groups claimed good management as their main reason.

The fifth group was government and defense, with 73.9% saying they like their boss.

The top 10 was rounded out by property and construction, 73.2%; leisure, 72.3%; public service and administration, 70.1%; environment and agriculture, 68.9%; and teaching and education, 31.8%.

While eight of the top 10 claimed good management as their main reason for liking their bosses, environment and agriculture employees touted a good environment as theirs, and government and defense touted good communication.

Those in the sales industry were reportedly least fond of their bosses, with only 24.7% of employees claiming to like their boss.

In Pennsylvania and Ohio, those who responded to the survey claimed they like their bosses mainly because of good communication, with 58% of those from the Keystone State liking their bosses, and 53.6% of those from the Buckeye State.

Male and female employees are also likely to see their boss differently. For instance, in media and internet, 86.8% of women like their boss, compared with 75% of men. Additionally, 95.2% of younger media and internet employees, age 18 to 34, like their boss, which is 26% higher than those age 50 to 69.

Among charity and voluntary workers, both men and women look favorably at their bosses, 81.4% and 83.4%, respectively.

Women in information technology rate their bosses favorably at 94.1%, while only 73.8% of men rated their bosses favorably. Younger IT employees also ranked their bosses higher, 86.5% of those age 18 to 34, compared with only 63.2% of those age 50 to 69.

Pictured at top: Photo by Kampus Production. (pexels.com)

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.