Laurello Vineyards

Laurello Vineyards

Laurello Vineyards began in 1944 when Cosmo Anthony Laurello owned and operated a small winery in Ashtabula, Ohio, serving the local area with wine and freshly pressed juice. As wine consumption in America declined and beer came into favor, he closed the winery and went to work for the New York Central Railroad.

In 1957, Cosmo founded Delta Railroad Construction Company, Inc. He asked his son and daughter-in-law, Larry and Ida, to join the company in 1962. By the mid 70s, Larry’s sons and nephews began working for the company.

On the way home from work in 1974, Cosmo directed his grandson Larry Jr., to jump the fence surrounding the Burkholder farm and pick some grapes. This small event brought the dream of this winery to our family. In 1991, Larry Jr. learned that a grape farm was to be auctioned. He recognized it as the same farmland where he had jumped the fence to grab a cluster of grapes for his grandfather. On the following weekend the family gathered at the auction, and with one giant leap of faith, purchased the farm. The dream of owning a winery has become Larry Jr’s. and wife Kim’s reality.

Laurello Vineyards is dedicated to our grandfather’s memory. No less important and influential in our families’ lives are our parents, Larry (now deceased) and Ida Laurello. Both were instrumental in bringing about the dream of the winery. The family continues to own and operate Delta Railroad Construction, Inc. honoring the family’s past while setting down fresh roots for the future.

Laurello’s mainly creates Old World–inspired blends and single-varietal wines with crisp acidity and firm tannic structure to balance the fruit-forward notes. Ohio-grown grapes appear in many wines such as an off-dry, pear-tinged Riesling, an unctuous Cabernet Franc and our Cabernet Sauvignon blend, aged in French oak barrels. Award winning Ice wines are also produced featuring our unique Habanero Ice Wine, “Simply Mad.”.

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