Mastropietro Winery

Mastropietro Winery

Mastropietro Winery
After creating wines that his friends and family loved, Daniel Mastropietro was encouraged to start his own business.

“We talked about it for quite a while, and it took five years before my wife and I and my sisters jumped in to start the winery,” said Mastropietro.

Scenery is a big aspect of Mastropietro. Fire pits, a pond and a yard with seating areas allow customers to sit wherever they like and enjoy a sunset, or a conversation with friends. The winery offers a variety of about 15 wines, ranging from dry and semi-dry to sweet in both white and red wines. They also offer a specialty blackberry wine.

Cheese and pepperoni trays are available for those who want to snack, as well as sandwiches, burgers and entree items for dinner. Live music can be heard Fridays and Saturdays, and Thursday through Sunday customers are allowed to bring in their own picnic baskets.

“Every winery is unique in it’s own different way, so you should see what Ohio is offering, and get a taste of everybody’s wine, that way you know what you like and you know which one you’d prefer to go back to.”

14558 Ellsworth Road
Berlin Center,OH


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