Women in Business: Bushey Found Second Career in Law

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Attorney Marty Bushey of the Youngstown law firm Manchester, Newman and Bennett worked as a nurse before moving into law.

After her husband set up an oral surgery practice in the Youngstown area, Bushey stayed home for about five years while her children were young. She continued to take classes at Youngstown State University and got involved in community groups and organizations.

When her children were old enough for her to return to work, she didn’t want to go back to nursing. The shift work and night and weekend schedules didn’t fit her family.

She decided to go to law school at the University of Akron.

“I did it full time because I did it while my children were in school,” Bushey says.

She practices primarily real estate law. Because of her nursing background, she first focused on medical malpractice.

Bushey believes the flexibility provided by the profession appeals to women.

When Bushey started with the firm in 1990, she worked part time – something unheard of at the time. She was the firm’s first female attorney and remained the only woman there for years.

“I’m someone that didn’t bother much,” Bushey says.

She never encountered any disrespect at the firm and doesn’t believe she was treated differently because of her gender.

There was, however, a judge, now deceased, who wouldn’t say anything to Bushey but would make comments to her husband: “‘She did pretty good, considering,’” she recalls of the judge’s comments.

Other than that, Bushey says she didn’t face issues from clients or other lawyers who made comments or treated her unfairly.

“I have never had a moment of disrespect or someone saying something that’s off color,” she says.

Bushey was attracted to the law because she loves reading and researching, and the idea of getting a case ready for trial sounded like something she would enjoy and do well.

For younger women entering the legal profession, Bushey shares some advice.

“Get in there and get involved,” she says. “You have to get involved. You have to be connected because that’s how people get to know you and know what you’re able to do for them. It helps with your clientele, but it also opens a lot of doors for you.”

Pictured at top: Attorney Marty Bushey.

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