YARS Resumes Operations, Commander Warns of Consequences

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Youngstown Air Reserve Station and the 910th Airlift Wing resumed normal operations Tuesday, but the base’s commander cautioned that even a one-day shutdown has consequences and another stoppage remains possible.

YARS and the 910th returned to normal operations Tuesday morning with the end of the federal government shutdown Monday, according to a news release issued in the afternoon.

The shutdown, which went into effect at midnight Jan. 20, caused 294 of the unit’s full-time staff to be placed on furlough status Monday morning and training operations to cease, the base’s public affairs office reported. A total of 76 staff members were excepted from the furlough due to the critical nature of their jobs, including firefighters and security personnel.

Though the shutdown only affected full operations for one day, it resulted in cancelled training opportunities and required some 910th members to return from Air Force schools and classes.

“We’re glad that this shutdown ended quickly,” Col. Dan Sarachene, commander of the 910th Airlift Wing, said. “But even a one-day cessation of operations has an impact on our ability to carry out our mission. It resulted in missed training time and opportunities for our Reserve Citizen Airmen and puts us behind schedule in preparing our warfighters.”

While the shutdown ended, base officials warn that the federal government is only funded through Feb. 8, per the bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump Monday night. Another shutdown is possible if lawmakers do not agree on a budget or spending bill.

The uncertainty caused by a short-term appropriation causes difficulty in planning upcoming training and mission requirements due to possible unavailability of funds, according to the base statement.

“A lapse in appropriations puts hardship and uncertainty on our workforce, but it also reduces stability that is critical for readiness,” Sarachene said. “We need a budget so that we can carry out our mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

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