YBI Portfolio Company Launches Captioning Service

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Ai-Media, a provider of speech-to-text solutions with offices in the Youngstown Business Incubator, has launched Scribblr.ai, a captioning and transcription service with a two-step content-checking process that ensures 99% accuracy.

Ai-Media is based in Sydney, Australia, came to the YBI in 2017 and established what it calls its Youngstown Center of Excellence. The company name, Ai, stands for access innovation media, an officer explained at the time, noting that one of its founders is “profoundly deaf.”

In announcing the new product, Ai-Media describes Scribblr.ai as a tool that enables more engaging and accessible content. The launch comes as video is set to account for 82% of all IP [internet protocol] traffic by 2022, says Serkan Honeine, chief customer officer, citing a report from Cisco, and media consumers increasingly prefer more silent viewing.

Content creators, including podcasters, social media influencers, business owners, webinar producers, and schools and universities benefit from the use of captions and transcripts, he continues. These include higher SEO scoring, improved comprehension and greater message retention. This type of content extends accessibility to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, thereby reaching a wider audience pool as well as positioning individuals and organizations as leaders in inclusion.

“You only have to think about the number of videos that auto-play without sound on LinkedIn or Facebook to realize that the small investment in captioning makes sense,” Honeine says. “Scribblr.ai powerfully combines automatic speech recognition technology with a 24/7 accredited workforce to deliver a high-quality captioning and transcription service at industry-leading turnaround times for all content creation needs.”

Scribblr.ai is available in English for captioning and transcription services. French, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Norwegian will follow in the next couple of months, the company says.

The product is prices at $1 a minute. For a limited time, the first 10 minutes of captioning or transcription for free when users sign up for the service.

Pictured at top: Ai-Media opened its Youngstown Center of Excellence in 2017.

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