Youngstown Looks to Hire Social Service Navigator

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Community Development Agency Division of the Youngstown Department of Community Planning and Economic Development is seeking a CDA social service navigator.

The CDA-SSN is an independent contractor position that will work under the direction of the community development director. The navigator will be responsible for managing the communication between social service providers and connecting proper resources to city residents. 

The CDA-SSN will attend and coordinate outreach meetings and activities with the community to talk about their needs and concerns, directing them to the proper organizations with plans on improving the quality of life for city residents. 

The individual in this position must have excellent public speaking, time management, organizational and community relations skills, especially in acknowledging and responding to community concerns and complaints, a news release states.

As part of the city’s communications team, the CDA-SSN will work collaboratively with other departments and partners to help advance the city’s online, social media and in-person engagement and public participation in matters pertaining to city residents. 

The position requires skills in communications and community engagement to build multifaceted relationships with neighborhoods, community groups, businesses and agencies through a variety of media sources, including news media, social media, special events, volunteerism and programming.

The person in this position will write, proofread and edit communication materials and ensure appropriate use of city branding, tone and quality control over projects; and develop messages appropriate for a variety of subjects and diverse audiences.

Skills for the position may be gained through education, certification, relevant job experience or a combination. 

The contract salary range is $50,000 to $57,000.

Letters of interest and resumes should be sent to Beverly Hosey at

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.