Youngstown Publishing Co. Announces Leadership Transitions

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Consistent with our mission to promote the growth of business, industry and quality of life, the Youngstown Publishing Co. is investing in its next generation of leadership. 

Eileen Lovell, who joined the company in 1987 as a part-time bookkeeper and rose through the ranks to become treasurer and assistant publisher in 2003, has been named chief financial/technology officer. 

Michael Moliterno, anchor of the Daily BUZZ webcast, has been named chief operating officer. Moliterno joined the company in 2009 as a videographer and was named vice president of operations in 2015.

Veteran reporter and associate editor Dan O’Brien has been named managing editor. O’Brien’s editorial cartoons have graced The Business Journal since 1987. He became a full-time reporter in 1998 and was named associate editor in 2010. Most recently, his series of award-winning investigative reports, produced in partnership with ProPublica, that revealed the extent of the Chill-Can debacle and the failures of the city’s tax abatement policies.

Jeff Leo Herrmann is stepping down as CEO and retains his seat on the Board of Directors of the Youngstown Publishing Co. Herrmann returns to his roots in market research and is taking on a global role with a leading market research firm. He and his family will continue to reside in the Mahoning Valley.

Andrea Wood, co-founder of the Youngstown Publishing Co., remains as chairman of the board of directors, president and publisher.

“The past two years have been an unprecedented experience,” Herrmann says. “While managing through the pandemic, we still planned and implemented major strategic initiatives focused on the long-term sustainability of the business.”

Investments have been made in the economic drivers of the business and go-to-market strategy, he says. The Brain Gain advocacy platform brought attention and solutions to the importance of building a culture of entrepreneurship and promoting workforce development. Major investments have been made in a new content management system, new communications and email marketing programs. And lastly, a new audience customization and subscription (personalization) program was implemented.

“In August 1984, in the aftermath of the steel closings, The Business Journal was launched with the singular mission to change the narrative from doom and gloom to opportunity through homegrown entrepreneurship,” says Wood. 

“Our mission has not changed as we evolve with technology. We thank Jeff Herrmann for his contributions and value his consultations as a member of our board of directors. 

“Eileen Lovell, Michael Moliterno and Dan O’Brien, working with our outstanding staff, will now lead us forward.”

Pictured: Michael Moliterno, chief operating officer; Eileen Lovell, chief financial/technology officer; and Dan O’Brien, managing editor.

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