YSU Alum Encourages Students to Pursue Passions

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Andrew Morgan, a research scientist from Boston Dynamics AI Institute and a Youngstown State University alum, returned to campus Friday along with an artificial intelligence “puppy” named Spot.

Mogan says he grew up interested in robotics and “seeing things move.” He says it takes a little bit of hardware and software to do that in the robotics world. As he continued following his passion, he found himself working with bigger robots like the one he brought to demonstrate at YSU.

Spot is known as a dynamic walker – as it walks in any given environment, it monitors its own joints so that no matter what terrain it walks on, it can overcome uncertainties.

“I just want to encourage students to continue to pursue things they are interested in,” Morgan says. “You have all of the abilities in the world going through YSU getting an education here, going on to either further education or changing trajectories. I really just want to serve as an inspiration to allow people to pursue their interests.”

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