Enrollment Up at YSU, Residence Halls Filled

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Youngstown State University opened a new academic year today with increased enrollment, residence halls at capacity and a freshman class that is the strongest academically in the university’s history.

YSU started the fall semester with 12,801 students, up 426 students from 12,375 on the first day of classes last year, according to unofficial student counts. (Official student counts will be recorded on the 15th day of the semester.)

It is YSU’s first fall-to-fall enrollment increase since 2010, the university said.

The incoming freshman class is 6% larger than last year and, for the third consecutive year, boasts the highest standardized test scores and high school grade point averages in YSU’s history.

“Reversing the trend on enrollment is a major step forward as we continue to focus on increasing excellence across campus,” YSU President Jim Tressel said. “While growing enrollment will remain a priority, we also are working hard to ensure that, once here at YSU, students have the resources to find success, graduate on time, with as little debt as possible and with a job.”

In announcing the first-day numbers, YSU also highlighted these facts:

  • All university residence halls, as well at the YSU Courtyard Apartments, are at capacity with 1,278 students, up from 1,154 two years ago. In addition, the new privately-owned and –operated University Edge apartments on Rayen Avenue are filled, with 162 students
  • 2,193 freshmen enrolled, up 6 % from last year and 20 percent from 2014.
  • 21.75 average ACT test scores for incoming freshmen, a new high. The scores surpass last year’s 21.19 and the 21.09 in 2014.
  • 3.24 average high school grade point average of incoming freshmen, also a new high. The average is above last year’s 3.14, 3.12 in 2014 and 2.97 in 2013.
  • 245 freshmen in the Honors College, up from 175 last year and 96 in 2014.
  • Freshmen from 23 states, 459 high schools and 51 Ohio counties, up from 16 states, 303 high schools and 37 Ohio counties in 2014.
  • Significant enrollment gains in four of YSU’s five primary service counties, despite overall population declines: Trumbull up 10.5%, Columbiana up 52%, Mercer County, Pa., up 12% and Lawrence County, Pa., up 14.71%. Mahoning County is down 1.15%.
  • The number of transfer students and students enrolled in graduate-level classes is also up.

“Enrollment success is dependent on the work of the entire campus community,” said Gary Swegan, associate vice president of Enrollment Management. “YSU faculty, staff and current students have worked extremely hard to put us in a position to share this very positive news for fall 2016.”

Pictured:  YSU freshmen file into Ignite day earlier this week in Beeghly Center. The freshman class is the strongest academic class in the university’s history.

SOURCE: YSU News Service

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