YSU Honors Students to Take Part in ‘Transcribe-a-thon’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Youngstown State University Honors College will give students a chance to complete a volunteer project digitally with the new “transcribe-a-thon.”

As part of the projects, students in the Honors College – who are required to complete at least 60 volunteer hours per school year – will spend an evening transcribing historical documents. Working in pairs, one student will transcribe the document while another reviews it.

“You can review papers transcribed and say ‘I don’t know what this word says. Can you help me?’ and you have a whole virtual community there to help,” said first-year honors student Julie Centofanti in a statement.

Centofanti spent 25 hours over the summer transcribing letters from President Teddy Roosevelt and documents from the 1918 influenza pandemic. She has long taken part in virtual volunteering because it allows her to take part in activities while also protecting her father, who has a suppressed immune system after a kidney transplant.

Centofanti is organizing other Honors College students. she also spoke about the benefits of virtual volunteering in a video for the Honors College, which can be watched HERE.

“The YSU Honors College remains committed to fostering opportunities for our students and building community while keeping them and their families as safe as possible,” said Amy Cossentino, honors dean. “Serving others may look a little different, but the fundamental experience of giving back is the same.” 

The inaugural transcribe-a-thon will be held 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday via Webex. A larger event is being planned for later in the semester.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.