YSU Launch Lab to Hold ‘Pour Party’ for Sculpture

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Youngstown State University Launch Lab will hold an imagination “pour party” at 2 p.m. Monday. The pour party – a molten aluminum casting – for a parakeet head created by a YSU art student will take place at YSU’s Bliss Hall in Room B09.

The Launch Lab is the outgrowth of a collaborative effort between YSU’s College of Creative Arts and Communication, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Williamson College of Business Administration.

The interdisciplinary partnership was made possible by faculty representation consisting of Greg Moring (CCAC), Brian Vuksanovich (STEM), and Joseph Angelo (WCBA). Members of the faculty team have been working on the Launch Lab concept since 2008 to enhance student learning experiences through innovative practices and shared technology, they say.

The partnership enabled senior art major Daniel Newman’s vision of a large parakeet head to be brought to life. His imagination was ignited during the fall semester when he witnessed a group of engineering students participating in an aluminum pour in a 3-D printed sand mold.

“I have seen a fair amount of bronze and aluminum casting done with the traditional lost wax method. This method of aluminum casting seemed much more efficient and offered the chance to work in collaboration with other students and professionals, which is of great interest to me,” Newman said.

He was already in the process of sculpting a large parakeet head, which drew the attention of students and faculty members and lead to his collaboration.

Other examples of Newman’s artwork can be seen on display at YSU’s Tod Hall.

Pictured at top:  Student uses a crucible in the Launch Lab.

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