YSU Professor Seeks Input for Virus Impact Survey

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – An accounting professor at Youngstown State University is seeking respondents for a survey examining the impact of the coronavirus.

The survey, the COVID-19 Well-being Study, was created by Marsha Huber, to measure well-being, creativity and economics. While it was created this week, it stems from Huber’s earlier work researching accountants’ well-being and creative problem-solving.

“Given that companies need new methodologies, strategies and products, I thought to look at creativity measures to see how they relate to well-being and economics to see what they’re doing,” she says. “What I’ve noticed from working in the creative problem-solving field is that creative people are pretty upbeat. They think about how to reach their clientele and they’re on top of all this.”

The survey has been design to be applicable to everyone, from students to professionals to retirees.

“I have special pages for accountants, employees, small-business owners, psychologists, students, professors, if you’re a homemaker or unemployed or retired, whatever you click will take you to what pertains to you,” she says. 

The information gathered will be released weekly on the website, as well as shared with the Small Business Development Center at YSU and potentially academic journals.

“Hopefully, this can inform the Small Business Development Center, which I’ve worked closely with. I’ve done creative-thinking webinars with them the past four weeks and they want to know what the community needs. They’re talking to clients every day and I want to get them information they can use,” Huber says. 

By making the survey applicable to all professions and ages, she hopes to create a dataset that can be informative to leaders in any sector.

“We can get a really good look at how people are being affected and what the needs of the community are. Part of why I set up a website is to get this information out there fast to whoever wants it and needs it,” she says.

The survey can be taken here.

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