YSU Prof, Students Head to Berkeley Lab for Research

BERKELEY, Calif. – Youngstown State University computer science professor Alina Lazar and two students, Alexandra Ballow and Tyler Leibengood, are taking part in a 10-week research program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Through Berkeley Lab Undergraduate Faculty Fellowship program, the trio are working with Department of Energy scientists as part of the Scientific Data Management Group, which develops “technologies and tools for efficient access and storage management of massive scientific datasets,” according to its website.

“This paid internship is an extraordinary opportunity for our students,” Lazar said in a release. “Not only do they have the chance to live in the Bay Area for the summer but they also get to work on research projects together with other interns and scientists at the lab. They learn programming and data analysis skills and they attend a wide range of scientific seminars about active research areas at [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory].”

Ballow is a junior majoring in mathematics and physics. Leibengood is a senior in the same program.

“This is my second summer at the lab and I consider the Visiting Faculty Program a great opportunity that allows me to develop new research collaborations and extend my research agenda,” Lazar said. “I plan to continue working on these research projects during the academic year and to involve YSU undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was founded in 1931 after the University of California-Berkeley professor Ernest Lawrence began developing the cyclotron, a device used in the splitting of the atom. Over the years, the lab’s mission has grown to include researching light, the genome and scientific computing. There have been 13 Nobel Prizes awarded to research involving the lab.

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