YSU Receives $2.3M for Roof Replacements Project

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The state Controlling Board has approved $2.3 million for Youngstown State University’s roof replacements project.

The funds, from the Higher Education Improvement Fund, will allow the university to begin construction that includes removing and replacing roofs and installing new flashing and insulation on several campus buildings.

Over the years, water infiltration and roof leaks have caused damage to classrooms, laboratory spaces and equipment, causing occasional interruptions to classes and research. 

“Our environment contributes a great deal to our learning, which is what our institutions of higher education are meant for,” state Rep. Lauren McNally of Youngstown, D-59th, said in announcing the awarding of the funds. “Repairing and replacing aging buildings will help our students, faculty and staff to focus on what’s most important.”

Renovations will include work on Cushwa Hall and the Edmund J. Salata Complex, where portions of the roofs will be completely removed and replaced. Improvements will include new flashing to address leaks and new insulation that will contribute to improved energy efficiency. 

“Being in the building for instruction is an important part of the higher education experience,” McNally said. “We have to do what is necessary to make sure deteriorating roofs don’t cause disruptions. I’m glad that YSU can begin construction on this necessary project.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.