Advocacy Program for Small Business | Rally Around Small Business 2020

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — As part of The Business Journal’s Rally Around Small Business campaign, we’re launching a new advocacy program to help small businesses get back on their feet in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

In the webinar posted above, Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of The Business Journal, details the ins and outs of the services provided by The Business Journal and the Youngstown Publishing Co.’s content studio, including ways to earn marketing credits for use later this year. The credits can be used for your own advertising or donated to another nonprofit or company.

Herrmann also explains the best practices for marketing during a time of crisis, and how to become a part of the Rally Around Small Business campaign.

Anyone can join the Rally by nominating a small business or an individual as an Unsung Hero, or joining the Rally Around Small Business Coalition that is determined to see our local companies survive and thrive.

The coalition will participate in delivering News, Strategies, and Resources across our extensive multimedia platform to help Small Businesses get back on their feet.

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