Amorette Farms Grows Quick in Year One

BELOIT, Ohio – Founded in 2019 by Devyn Rothbrust, Amorette Farms is preparing to enter its second year of business with an eye on adding growing space and technology.

The indoor vertical farm in Beloit specializes in growing microgreens using a combination of soil-based methods and hydroponics. Already, the farm has doubled its workspace and is set to meet its initial return on investment this year.

“We are working on increasing our customers and our reach by building on to our product catalog to have more produce available to a wider range of customers,” Rothbrust says. 

He acknowledges that his sector of agriculture is largely driven by technology and while Amorette Farms may be slow to adopt, it will thrive on a deep knowledge of the plants.

“The industry is quickly transforming with new, innovative technology almost daily. People from all professional backgrounds are investing and building these companies,” he says. “As we grow, we will bring on those technologies. We see ourselves as growers first and foremost, so while we may not have the technology at this stage, we understand the plants and how they grow.”

Indoor vertical farming combines traditional agriculture, computer science, engineering and robotics, Rothbrust says, and can attract workers that may not have otherwise considered the field.

“As we grow as a company, we have the capability to attract educated and skilled employees to design, build, and maintain these systems. By promoting and exposing kids to both STEM and creative arts programs, we can encourage the younger generation to use science to support their creative thinking,” he says. “Creative thinking and an openness to new ideas is a big part of being an entrepreneur. The more we teach that, the better.” 

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