Arts Festival’s New Home Sealed with a Handshake

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Summer Festival of the Arts took place July 17-18 at its new location in Wean Park, downtown Youngstown. It attracted thousands of visitors who viewed and purchased works by more than 70 artists and craftsmen. 

Live music, dance and theater were also part of the fun.

The event began with the unveiling ceremony for the Jackie Robinson-George “Shotgun” Shuba statue in the park. The statue depicts Robinson, the first Black pro baseball player, being congratulated by his White teammate Shuba.

The moment occurred in Robinson’s first game in 1946 – a time of deep racial intolerance – and has come to represent racial harmony.

During their visit July 18 to the festival, Joanna and Lilly Andrei pose for a selfie before the huge Youngstown sign that greets visitors to Wean Park. 
Maria Hedglin shows a clocks she crafted at her studio workshop. The unusual item was purchased by Rick Thomas and Mary Margaret Hovanes. 
Seth Steward, Nathaniel Steward and Vanessa Watson display raw honey products handcrafted at Linda’s Bee Farm in Southington. 
Canfield entrepreneur Jeff Ondash shows decorative shovels he displayed at the festival. The shovels are laser cut and acid washed to create a rustic look. 

Pictured at top: The Jackie Robinson-George “Shotgun” Shuba statue, titled “A Handshake for the Century,” sits in a corner of Wean Park. Visitors admired the statue throughout the Summer Festival of the Arts weekend.