Editorial: Diversifying Our Perspective

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Business Journal editorial team is working to develop and implement our diversity, equity and inclusion program that will help us better cover the full breadth of this region’s business community. 

The process started earlier this year by looking at what media organizations around the world are doing, including newspapers of all sizes and industry thought leader The Poynter Institute. There is a common thread: the commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion must be an ongoing and evolving process.

After writing our diversity, equity and inclusion statement, which can be read here, we shared our initial drafts with local experts and made several revisions.

In part, the statement says: “Diversity, equity and inclusion are business imperatives. As an organization, our mission is to promote the growth of business, industry and quality of life in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. That cannot be accomplished without serving all sectors of the community equally and equitably.

“We value a diverse workforce, community and the contributions each person makes to our region. Youngstown Publishing Co. is committed to promoting – and practicing – inclusivity, equity and diversity.”

This issue of The Business Journal reflects the beginning of our ongoing commitment. In these pages, you’ll find profiles of local Black entrepreneurs and reporting on the financial barriers faced by business owners of color.

For sure, this work isn’t one-and-done. Our diversity, equity and inclusion platform will expand as we work to include a wider array of voices in the pages of our print edition, on our website and in our videos.

To introduce us and the community to minority business owners and to promote their companies, The Business Journal will launch a directory of local, minority-owned businesses on our website later this year.

Minority businesses that sign up for the directory will receive a one-year digital subscription to The Business Journal. To register for our directory, go to BusinessJournalDaily.com/minority-business-directory. After submitting your information, Business Journal staff will follow up for confirmation and provide a subscription code. There’s no purchase required and no commitment to advertise with us.

Going forward, employees of the Youngstown Publishing Co. will take part in staff training that will help us better recognize the challenges faced by people of color, better address those issues in our coverage and enable us to update and evolve our diversity, equity and inclusion policy.

With these efforts, the Youngstown Publishing Co. is committed to fostering an inclusive, successful business community that reflects the diversity of our region. It’s work that needs to be done and it’s work that can’t be accomplished alone.