CityScape Takes Team Approach to Its Work, Workplace

Submitted by Rochelle Landy, Associate Director
Youngstown CityScape
15 Central Square, Youngstown, Ohio 44503

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Work, for most of us, is essential. So much time is spent with the people you work with, and so much effort is spent on furthering the mission of your organization. Therefore, the importance of believing in what you do, and doing it with people who share your passion is imperative.

In my opinion, there is no greater example of the most wonderful people, who work as a team to further the all-important mission of beautifying our fair city, than Youngstown CityScape. This small staff is a prime example of the little engine that could.

Our leader, Sharon Letson, works harder than any of us and always leads by example. Her passion makes you want to be a better employee. She is unwavering in her belief in CityScape’s vision for a better city for all. 

The rest of the staff – Amy Mirkin, Martha Morgan, Adam Lee, Jack Moss, and the seasonal outdoor staff – are equally as diligent and enthusiastic about the important work of Youngstown CityScape. Everyone pitches in for every mission. 

From left to right: Amy Mirkin, accounting director; Sharon Letson, executive director; Martha Morgan, development director; and Adam Lee, program director. Not pictured are: Rochelle Landy, associate director; and Jack Moss, greenhouse and outside supervisor.

Whether it is emptying the trash, applying for grants, or coordinating the one-day planting of our entire city, the team works together and does what it takes to get the job done, on time, on task and on budget. The board, staff and volunteers make CityScape the dynamic, collaborative organization that it is.

Speaking of volunteers – the work of Youngstown CityScape would not be possible without their help. Community members flock each year to lend a hand at our Streetscape planting day. We’ve had upwards of 700 people descend on the city to plant, mulch, prune and beautify. I don’t know that there is any other organization in the valley that can count on that many people to join in their mission year after year.

In 2022, Youngstown CityScape is celebrating its 25th anniversary of Planting Day and has emerged as the center city community development corporation dedicated to delivering an attractive working and living environment. 

Letson has created a culture of trust, respect, and partnership. CityScape collaborates with anyone in our community who is willing to help improve Youngstown. These core values flow over into the work itself, and in turn have helped change the landscape of Youngstown – the historical, economic, and cultural core of this community.

I have won the job lottery and am eternally grateful for the ability to work with a group of people who are truly supportive and work every day to improve our community. In these uncertain times with so much turmoil, there is almost nothing more important than caring for each other and making the world a better place… one flower at a time.