Faith is Foundation for Millwood Inc.

Submitted by Chad McConnell, Strategic Sourcing Manager
Millwood Inc.
3708 International Blvd., Vienna Ohio 44473

VIENNA, Ohio – Millwood is a family-owned company and the owners really make you feel like a part of their family. It’s a company with a foundation in Christian beliefs that looks to be a guiding light to other companies. 

The owners trust you to do your job and fairly compensate you to do it. There are also a lot of perks like paid lunches, picnics, drinks, rewards, and trips. The owners care deeply about the employees well being and even started a pantry program at every office where you can get necessary food and HBA items free of charge with no questions asked. 

Pictured are: Michelle Lehr, human resources, and Chad McConnell, sourcing.

We also have a great program around Christmas where a group of us from the office get together and shop for local charities.

I have been working for Millwood, Inc. in the marketing department since October 2014, and I have never worked for a company that truly puts its people first. Every person I work with and/or have met from across the company over the years are a part of my family. I’ve never worked for a company that promotes a family-type-of atmosphere.

Josh Stipanovich, multimedia manager: Millwood is a Christian company that was founded on four pillars: trust, servitude, discipleship and integrity. 

Each of our locations has a dedicated chaplain. Our team of chaplains is managed by regional chaplain coordinators. Our chaplains work tirelessly with the teams across the country to ensure our team members feel valued and part of the Millwood family.

I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else and am proud to be a part of the Millwood family.