Strong Leadership Leads to Teamwork for Dawn Inc.

Submitted by Ashley Swipas, Administrative Director
Dawn Incorporated
2861 Sferra Ave. NW, Warren, OH 44483

WARREN, Ohio – Dawn Inc. is a great place to work. Our employee turnover is low for any industry and extremely low for the construction industry. People like working here. We value our employees as individuals and foster a sense of teamwork.

The company is led by Dawn Ochman, president and CEO. She is bold: she pushes herself hard and she pushes her team hard, too. Ochman has a knack for surrounding herself with great people. She gives people the latitude to do what they do best. And for that, we are invested in our vision, committed to the mission, and willing to work hard and work together to get there. Even with over 28 years of business experience, we never stop looking for ways to do things better.

We care about each other. If someone in our company is sick, a co-worker will ask if they need groceries or make them some chicken noodle soup. All employee birthdays and special life events are recognized at Dawn Inc. It isn’t odd to see an infant napping in someone’s office or a toddler bouncing down the hall. We get it: Babysitters call off. We are a flexible workplace.

Dawn Inc. cares about employee health and well-being. Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to our health but it’s hard to stand and do work at a regular desk. In our office, everyone has a sit-and-stand desk and an outside view. Our corporate office was designed with employees in mind.

We give back to our community often by donating time, services, supplies, and funds to local nonprofits. An employee had a neighbor who needed a wheelchair ramp built so an ailing family member could be brought home. We were there the next day donating labor and materials to build the ramp.

As a team we respect each other and share ideas. This isn’t the place to work if you would step over someone to climb the ladder. We help each other on the way up. We make a conscious effort to hire individuals who are in line with our core values: Considerate, responsive, innovative and solutions-driven. We don’t want to bend people to fit into our company culture. We wait for the ones who just fit.

Front row: Pam Balent, accounting specialist; and Steve Balent, project manager. Back row, from left: Vince Gatesman, estimator; Rory McLean, estimator; Amy Lewis, lead accounting specialist; Renee Dugan, project coordinator; Chris Hoff, director of construction; Dawn Ochman, president/CEO; Alex Ochman, intern; Brendan Solarz, vice president of operations; Jeremy Cramer, assistant project manager; and Ashley Swipas, administrative director.