Great Co-Workers: David P. Harris Jr.

David P. Harris Jr., Principal Architect
DPH Architecture LLC, Canfield

I started working for David Harris in 2020. He has provided me with countless hours of mentorship and truly makes sure that all young professionals understand the practice of architecture. David has tremendous expertise in a wide range of subjects that he always shares in the office. I have gained knowledge working with David and observing him manage an architectural practice.

David has created a workspace that feels more like a family culture, one where everyone is treated equally. Outside of work, David is also a great friend to his employees. His enthusiasm for architecture is at the forefront of everything he does. He treats everything as a design challenge and loves to iterate until he achieves the best solution.

David and his wife, Amanda, are involved in the personal lives of the employees and are willing to help with anything ranging from building swing sets, attending birthday parties and home renovations. I’m excited to see what the future holds for our firm.

Nominated by Nick Greenaway