Great Co-Workers: Who Makes Your Workplace Great?

KO Consulting Team, KO Consulting LLC, Youngstown

All members of team KO have a seat at the table and are exposed to the individuals working hard to improve our region. Together, we will make the Valley a better place to live for generations to come. Nominated by A.J. Elia.

Shannon Bowser, Human Resources, A to Z Dependable Services, Niles

Shannon Bowser is a great communicator and is very organized. She strives to make this company a great place to work Nominated by Hope Burton.

Brandi Carson, Clinical Supervisor, Mercy Health, Youngstown

Brandi Carson always puts the patient first and can de-escalate any situation with sincerity and kindness. Nominated by Beth Lavender.

Teri Ely, Executive Director, Veterans Outreach, Youngstown

Teri Ely is the hub and the engineer of our charity. She does just about everything while making sure everybody feels at home. Nominated by John Ely.

James Grasso, President, McDonald Steel Corp., McDonald

James Grasso is very involved in daily operations of our mill and pushes each employee to achieve their maximum potential, all while looking for ways to improve the operation. Nominated by James Laurenza.

Bodine Perry, Canfield Partner Group

This diverse group of leaders – Debbie Dixon-Liggett, Deborah M. Remias, Justin D. Yost and partner-in-charge Bruce E. Flyak – empower and challenge our team members. Nominated by Betsy Bresnahan.

The Leadership Team, Millwood, Inc., Vienna

Millwood is a unique company that adheres to its principles of spreading the love of Christ in all that they do. Nominated by Timothy Liszka.