HD Davis Receives Several Nominations

The Team, HD Davis CPAs, Liberty Township

The team at H.D. Davis CPAs received multiple great co-worker nominations.

“Since starting at HD Davis just a few short months ago, this group of leaders has substantially impacted my life,” says Shelby Timms, who nominated the entire management team. “I love coming to work and look forward to what I will learn. They are driven and focused on building up their team to become successful, all while maintaining a work/life balance.”

These team members were nominated individually by their co-workers:

Tim Petrey, managing partner, and Joe Kilgore, partner

“I think one simple story will show how wonderful this company is. When my oldest son needed surgery, I needed time off work and also to work from home for a while to help him recover. Not only did I get to work from home for nearly a month, the company provided dinner for us during that time as well. I had no clue my son was going to need a wheelchair ramp. But two days after his surgery, Tim and Joe purchased the ramps and had them sent to my home.” – Leslie Zarlengo

“Tim is an outstanding leader within our firm. Even though he is the managing partner, he still treats us all with equal respect and cares about each person’s opinions. He is also supportive of individual goals and making sure that you are creating your ‘dream job’ within the company. If someone needs extra training or specific equipment/software to advance in their position and help the company as a whole, he will support them.” – Megan Jones

Meredith Gruelle, human resources director

“Meredith is approachable, kind and outstandingly supportive. She also is incredibly wise and professional in circumstances that require it. I will always turn to her for advice or support in a difficult situation and I know she will have my back if I need it. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right and to fight for the benefit of our team as a whole. I would not trade her for anything.” – Megan Jones

Will Rauber, chief financial officer

“Will is unlike any other co-worker I’ve ever had. He sets out to brighten everyone’s day and he does it genuinely. It is unique to find someone who can be both assertive and unapologetically kind at the same time. He is always striving to ensure our clients have a great experience and our employees feel included. Will is also one of the hardest working people I have ever met. His dedication is unparalleled. I love going to work with Will every day.” –  Megan Roberts

Laura Crowgey, human resources and wellness coordinator

“Laura is the most upbeat and positive person in the office. She makes everyone feel welcome and heard. She makes the team feel motivated and excited to be at work.” – Brianna Ostrowski

Pictured at top: Partners Joe Kilgore (left) and Tim Petrey sign a promise to their teams, clients and community at the grand opening of their new headquarters in July 2022.