Internet Orders Boost Broad Street Carry-Out

CANFIELD, Ohio – Broad Street Carry-Out & Catering is a family owned and operated restaurant at 464 S. Broad St. in Canfield that specializes in homemade food.

The restaurant opened in 2008 as the Broad Street Diner. The owner, Rich Herrera, rebranded it to Broad Street Carry-Out & Catering in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, he says.

Herrera made the switch from dine-in to carry out after the restaurant endured a 10-week closure at the onset of the pandemic.

Upon reopening, Herrera says, he tried to operate it with only call-in and carry-out orders. The Herrera family, however, quickly realized this business model was unsustainable. It was then that they decided to branch into online ordering and delivery.

“The day we started [online ordering], it was like there were people waiting for it to happen. We started getting busier and busier … we had one of my daughters come in and just do [online orders],” Herrera says.

Despite the increase in business Broad Street has seen, Herrera says he misses seeing his customers sit in the dining area and enjoying themselves.

The people of Canfield have always been the best part of his business, he says, describing his customers as “great, real people.”

Broad Street Diner customers have also helped out in the restaurant, Herrera says. He recalls when it offered dine-in, customers would wipe their own tables or help him by grabbing something they needed on their own.

Broad Street Carry-Out & Catering offers a variety of menu options

homemade and ready for pick-up 30 minutes after an order is placed. Among the favorites are family meals such as the roasted turkey or chicken galore.

“You don’t see a lot of that today, where you can get family meals for four to six people that can be ready in half an hour,” Herrera says.

Pictured at top: Rich Herrera rebranded his restaurant as a result of the pandemic.