New Resource Online for Ohio Wine Lovers

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Northeastern Ohio has long been a wine-producing area and the industry has grown rapidly in the past decade.

Residents here have a knowledge of, and appreciation for wine, and our grape growers and vintners continue to improve their products.

The Business Journal also has enthusiasm for this ripening industry and we’ve come up with a way to keep wine drinkers in the know.

Our new wine page, Uncork & Pour: Ohio Wines, premiered Aug. 1.

Uncork & Pour will shine a spotlight on the Ohio wine industry and become a means of communication between wineries and their customers.

The timing of this new page couldn’t be better. Vintage Ohio, the annual festival of the Ohio Wine Growers Association, takes place Aug. 5 and 6 at Lake Metroparks Farmpark near Kirtland.

At, you will find a listing of wineries in our region, and information about wine terminology and the viticultural areas of Ohio.

Stories about Ohio’s wine industry written by Donniella Winchell, president of the Wine Producers group, will be posted regularly.

They promise to be interesting, informative and fun.

Uncork & Pour will also include stories about new products and events, as well as news of investments in technology, machinery and buildings.

We’ll also delve into the issues facing the wine industry, and profile the growers, vintners and employees who keep it going.

Our goal is to be the best source of information about Ohio wines – for readers who want to uncork and pour.