KO Consulting Secures $6M in Grants for Clients

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – KO Consulting LLC secured more than $6 million in grant funds for its clients during fiscal 2023, CEO Kristen Olmi reports. The firm submitted requests for more than $50 million from public and private funders with several large applications pending results, she says.

The Youngstown-based community and economic development firm assists clients with grant applications, strategic planning, government affairs and development strategies. In 2023, it grew to 30 clients from 15 clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas and California. Clients include nonprofits, small businesses, local municipal governments and school districts.

“Our cities had a very successful year. We worked with the cities of Campbell and Struthers, both of whom have shown a willingness to partner, which allows us to strategically align their projects and funds when applicable,” Olmi  says. This year, the cities are working on major development plans for their shared riverfront.

In 2023, KO established a partnership with Prest Public Strategies LLC, offering its clients an opportunity to have government affairs services as well.

“The end of the year saw us add some new and exciting clients and projects and we very much look forward to helping each of our clients reach their fundraiser and organizational goals,” Olmi says. “We feel truly grateful for all the clients that allow us to work with them on their vision. And we are overwhelmed with joy when we are able to bring critically needed grant funds to the place Team KO calls home.”